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P1 training

Event details


I invite all Recruits and all that can attend. This will be a phase 1 to get the recruits through that. As well as a refresher for current serving members.

ITC intend to hold a Phase 1 training session  Thursday 21/03/2019 2000GMT. The session will last around two and a half to three hours but may be longer if there is a large recruit cadre.

Note that you will be attending with other recruits and instructors - not with your sections for the night.


Course: Phase 1 

Start Time: 2000z

Instructor(s): Cpl Sullivan

Assistant Instructor(s): A/LCpl Cvijanović , Pte Fairlie


The Phase 1 course is a collection of basic drills and theory - the intended purpose of which is to prepare Recruits for deployment in an infantry section as well as provide the necessary information for assessment.
Modules this course will cover include:

Introduction, Battle Preparations.
Six Section Battle Drills.
Formations. Including ARD.
Contact calling and Referencing.
Boarding procedure.
Grenades and AT.
Basic Medical.
Fire and Manoeuver.
Final Live Fire Exercise. (time allowing)
Successful completion of P1 is a requirement of all new members and is needed for a promotion to Private (and therefore full 'membership' in the 16AA).




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