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Operation Freebird (Public op)

Event details


Go time will be 2000, get on TS for planning and sorting kit at 1930. If your not ready by 2000 we will be launching without you and you will have to insert after.

(poke me on discord if you need help setting up an auto config)
FTP auto config

Also no deliberate Blue on Blue (remember there will be recruits on and possibly publics watching/ playing), let's make a good impression and have some fun. If you want to completely mong out like last time there's plenty other servers to play on. Have fun yes, but maintain some standards otherwise these will get stopped before even getting off the ground

Gonna run another tester this Saturday if people are available. This time however we need some volunteer IC's, you dont need to run a full section but we're thinking 4-5 man teams so we can co-ordinate a bit.
Anyone can take a team leader role as well as any kit in VA is allowed but please only team leads take 152 radios so as to avoid LR net with SR comms again.

Roles needed (roles ain't fixed, can re-arrange numbers as/ when needed)
Cmdr - Bennett

Pilot - McPherson
Pilot - Willis
Flight crew - Beake
Flight crew -

Blue Team:
Team leader - MacGregor
Medic - Wastian
AT -
Rifleman/DMR -
Rifleman/MG - Holiday

Red Team:
Team leader - McGowan
Medic -
AT -
Rifleman/DMR -
Rifleman/MG - Stevenson

Green Team:
Team leader - Strnad
Medic -
AT -
Rifleman/DMR - Welsh
Rifleman/MG - Ben

Yellow Team:
Team leader -
Medic -
AT -
Rifleman/DMR -
Rifleman/MG -

If you want other roles that's not a problem, just add in comments what role you want or pick one from above. It's a bit short notice but let's have some fun, can always re-run later if needed.

Main Obj: Liberate Malden from enemy invaders.
Obj 1: Take and hold NW airfield and setup FOB
Obj 2: Secure foothold on main island via air insertion
Obj 3: Secure enough supplies to organise heavy ordnance and support vehicles

Side taskings:
Logistics - once supplies and POW's are secured they are to be returned to main base once setup.
Disruption - enemy strongholds and supplies to be destroyed based on intel gathered via POW's

Avoid civilian casualties at all costs! We want them on our side otherwise be prepared for bomb factories and IED's.

If enemy threat level becomes too high we can lower it via intel missions, intel is gathered via POW's returned to an FOB.
Once we secure a foot hold we are able to setup more FOB's on mainland for vehicle spawns but these can be counter attacked.
Once you take an objective the AI should surrender but be wary not all of them will immediately, bring zipties in case you get close and are unsure.
To win we must capture all Capitals (big squares) and military strongholds.
Medics can use PAK's once patient is stable, we can setup CCP's if we have numbers otherwise we'll find a work around.


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