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Rifleman Marksmanship 06FEB18 2000Z

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All members of the unit are invited to attend a marksmanship test. It will take place  Tuesday 06/02/2018 2000 GMT. The course will run for at least 30 minutes. However, large amounts of candidates will increase this. Thus it will be divided in to groups of 8 and you will be called up when you group is available. ITC members will be given priority to be in the first few groups in order to allow them to learn to run the course after having taken it themselves. 

The qualification criteria is as follows:

scoring: the test consists of 100rnds of ammunition in 2 phases, phase 1 has 60rnds, phase 2 has 40rnds. 
3rd class marksman 70/100 (minimum standard)
2nd class marksman 80/100
1st class marksman in 90/100


To gain a company wide profile of marksmanship ability. 

Coming soon.

Load the game with all normal mods. Enjoy.


You should answer 'Yes' or 'Maybe' where you will be placed on a reserve list.


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