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Esports Masters ARMA 3


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ESM (Esports Masters) is a Arma 3 tournament community since 2015 and we try to host tournaments on a yearly base where teams can compete in an arcade like enviroment.

Mostly the gamemode that will be played is Capture the Flag (CTF)

For upcomming CTF Masters cup we are still searching for teams that would like to compete.

Whats in it for your team?
If your team wins the tournament you will get a medal for each player on your team (max 😎
A vote will go for the 2 finalist for 1 mvp award that will be send to him.
You can see the awards down below.

Some important data:

Playdates: 29th (Start 19:30 CEST) & 30th of May (Start 21:00 CEST)
Enrolement ends: 21/05/2021
Gamemode: CTF
Mods: Not allowed / Vanilla
Discord link: https://discord.gg/ysEYUzuZ2Y
Medal preview: ywkb722v
MVP preview: 4rr746rc
Website: esportsmasters.org(edited)


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