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Friday Night Fights


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Friday Night Fight is a long-standing weekly Player vs Player event for the Arma 3 Community that pits up to 90 players against each other in a variety of terrains. Objectives vary mission-by-mission, and so do the vehicular assets granted to each side. From Rush-style gameplay to TvTvT sector control, gameplay is exciting and in-depth. Two segments are held every Friday; one is European time-zone friendly, and the other for North America.

The core attendees of the event are veteran Arma 3 groups who bring players with years of combined experience to battle it out, as well as individual players who have made names for themselves with their unique tactics.

Friday Night Fight is shoutcasted by two well-known Arma 3 streamers, so even if you can't attend, you can still experience this exciting event!


14 first come first serve. Rest are reserves!

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