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Fire Team Commanders Course - Night One

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Course Aim: to give you the skills of a lance corporal in 16AA.
Incentive: so that you can act as a 2IC and advance in promotion.
Reason why: so that you are ready for the challenge to be a JNCO and the unit has good leaders.
The course is 3 training nights with 1 Sunday Assessment, there will be homework in-between.

CIC Phase 1
Recce patrols from CIC Phase 2 - Offensive Operations

@A/LCpl Hopkins
@Pte Ben
@Pte Luke
@A/LCpl Vargadottir

If you would like to join the cadre please pm me.

Volunteers to act as section members doing section attacks and enemy are welcome at 8pm. Please vote to sign up.


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