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OPERATION: Springbok - Fun OP


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Come join us on our new Hearts and Minds server to blow some stuff up!


Gear up, and conduct a patrol into the local area to gain information on hideouts and weapon caches. 


This mission is based on Isla Duala, a Savannah wasteland mixed in with cities and dotted villages across the map along with rivers that cut through the Island. 


Hearts and Minds is a dynamic insurgency mission that simulates a post war environment, so that includes civpop interactions, IED's, VBIEDS and much more which means a structured mission and a team mindset is needed to prevail. This is a fun op with an open arsenal so gear up and have a blast, there'll be lots of stuff to shoot at. 


Modset can be found on our discord under the 16aa Public Server Tab pinned messages along with the server details. The server requires an exact match bar JSRS and Blastcore to join. 


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