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Operation Sangfree [SideOp]

Event details


2022, Sangin, Afghanistan.

   After the NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021, the countries political stability struggled under Taliban regime. Widespread outrage grew among the population and over the past year the nation has returned to its former state, post soviet invasion. Not willing to make the same mistake as their predecessor's - PM Sir David Attenborough has refused to deploy large scale invasion troops to Afghanistan. However what No. 10 Downing Street has authorised is the use of the newly formed Ranger Brigade, SAS and other elements of UKSF, in a joint effort with the USA to combat the Talibans regime from the inside out. 

   Following months of operations alongside the USMC 2nd Marine Raiders, Mobility Troop, B Sqn, 22 SAS are due to rotate back to the UK for RnR. Due to this they are on a relaxed work pattern acting as QRF for any NATO operations in Sangin. A squad from the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion was ambushed in the green zone of Sangin North and initiated a days long stand off in the nearby town. Following a heated extract back to their FOB in the South, it was soon known that they had returned a man short from their team. Having been engaged in fierce fighting and in low supply, the Marines are in no position to initiate a rescue mission. As a result, this has fallen to the hands of Sangin QRF - Mobility Troop. 

Your mission is to conduct direct action onto the suspected Taliban HQ IOT;

1) Rescue the captured Marine Raider

2) Recover any actionable intelligence on OpFor Operations

3) Destroy any enemy weapons or equipment deemed a threat to FF



- This is primarily a Zeus operated mission by myself. Scripting is kept minimal and there are NO extra mods required to play. 
- Limited to 9 slots, however if interest sparks higher I can add more slots in. (see below for available roles)
- I expect this mission to only take 60/90 minutes. 
- Connect to Main Server to play. 

ROLES: PM myself or comment below to secure role...
Team Leader - Sgt Bennett
Team 2IC - Cpl
Breacher  - LCpl McPherson 
Sharpshooter - Tpr Hopkins 
LMG - Tpr Strnad
Team Medic - Tpr Herring 
AT Specialist - Tpr Norrdec 
Operator - Tpr Spear
Operator - Tpr

the ranks are not real 16AA ranks, if you suddenly find your a Sgt. Chill the fuck out. 



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