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Rifleman Marksmanship 06MAR18 2000Z

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All members of the unit that have not already, are invited to attend a marksmanship test. It will take place  Thursday 15/02/2018 2000 GMT. The course will run for at least 30 minutes. However, large amounts of candidates will increase this. Thus it will be divided in to groups of 8 and you will be called up when you group is available. 

The qualification criteria is as follows:

scoring: the test consists of 100rnds of ammunition in 2 phases, phase 1 has 60rnds, phase 2 has 40rnds. 
3rd class marksman 70/100 (minimum standard)
2nd class marksman 80/100
1st class marksman in 90/100

A 1st class is required for use of the L129A1 MR


To gain a company wide profile of marksmanship ability. 

Coming soon.

Load the game with all normal mods. Enjoy.


You should answer 'Yes' or 'Maybe' where you will be placed on a reserve list.


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