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Basic Signals Course

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The signals course teaches Radio operation and communications basics that are essential for anyone undertaking a role where they are required to communicate on a multiband radio set in addition to a Personal Role Radio.
Successful undertaking of the course is a pre-requisite for full promotion into a 2IC or Section commander role.

The course, where appropriate, is based on the communication procedures of the British Army and is presented in both theory and practical exercise form.

The material consists of, but is not  limited to - 
Multi radio setup in ACRE
AN/PRC-152 Harris Multiband Radio features and functions 
Radio protocol, voice procedure and message reporting techniques 
SIgnal Mast setup and use.

Much of the material can be found here, and reading up is advised:

Please note - Basic signals course is for PTE and above only

Training server  - connect.16aa.net    port - 2402  - same password  as ops server.
Standard 16AA repo modset used - check for updates in advance.
Connect to the ITC Office > Training Room in good time for the posted start.
Expected duration approx.  90mins.



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