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*This training is being held in co-ordination with the upcoming "Recce" training. You MUST have this qualification in order to do "Recce" Training.*

CTM Course 
Warning Order


16CSMR will be holding a CTM course, to be conducted on Tuesday, 27th March 2018 at 8pm BST.

Course: CTM Phase 2 Qualification

Start Time: 2000 (BST)

Instructor(s): Pte Grover, Pte Chelton

Assistant Instructor(s): TBC

To learn and implement ability to treat wounds/ triage at section level.

Documentation to come soon.

Any questions to be directed to Pte Grover, Pte Chelton or Pte Sullivan via PM. Those who urgently require the qualification will be given priority.

Vote in poll and comment in thread, changes in status to be mentioned in thread or PM'd.


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Note for instructors: Please make sure that you have a mission made recently that will work, if you want it to contain 16AA units then it'll have to be privately hosted. Liase with Meadows & Sullivan ASAP to confirm all of this.

I should be around if there's still a slot or 2 as i need a refresher as the last one i did was 2-3 years ago.

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