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Operation: Linebacker II

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Time: 1800 BST





Gooooood Morning Vietnam!

This is now a free fire event, get out there and fuck shit up.

What is Mike Force?

Mike Force is a baked in, open ended mission that comes along with the S.O.G Prairie Fire DLC, the objective is to secure and hold the map against the VC and NVA. Think Liberation mixed with Antistasi but instead you are fighting the guerrillas. 

-- From the Event Organisers --

On the 27th of August around 18:00 BST a new Mike Force invasion will begin. 

For those who remember the last time we did this when BEAR and alot of other units join in and wrecked the AI it will be about the same with a few changes
For one, the enemy AA will be boosted with additional AAA sites (will be placed inside the AA marker on the map(1-3 per site)) And inside the city 1-3 missile launchers will be placed by zeus all connected to one or more radar sites (inside our current AO so we can disable them)
Alongside this specific vics will be spawned in with zeus but other than that there is really just players vs Mike Force AI.

Anyone is welcome either as a individual or as a clan. Just dont be an ass 

The mods we will use are Enhanced movements & TFAR. Clienside mods are ok as long as they are not exploits


- I. Secure the area surrounding the Air base (Time frame: 15-30 min)

  • I.I RTO role is allowed during this part of the operation with great care from the user (Nothing bigger than 88mm Mortars)

- II. Secure the city of Hue from the standard objectives and secure the nearby FOB "Phu Bai" (Timeframe: 30-60 min)

  • II.I City ROE in effect starting at the suburbs
  • II.II If civilians are present, ID targets first

- III. Assault the city of Da Nang using any possible means (Time Frame: Untill we dont feel like playing anymore)


I. Only People marked for assets may use assets (with The exception of gunners and on the field emergencies)

II. No fixed wing assets doing cas run in urban areas*

III. Only use RTO Illumination fire support if you have the RTO role, leave any and all other cas to the human pilots

 (City ROE)
IV. Nothing bigger than 7.62 from rotor wings inside any urban areas* (exception is surgical strike vs IFV or higher threats)

V. Always treat unknows as civilians unless you are in contact

*In emergencies and dire situations determined by on the scen SL´s both fixed and rotor wing may engage with 40mm and rockets

---Asset list and recovery---

- Asset & Crew slots-

2x F4-Phantoms

  •  1x jet pilot 

1-3x Transport/cas huey

  •  3x Helicopter Pilots

3x M113 50.Cal

  •  4x Crewmen

---Recovery procedure---

If any of the following assets are lost in combat or accidents they will respawn/be teleported to the repair station within 30 min by zeus

I. F4 Phantoms 
II. Huey´s further out than 6Km from the active AO
III. M113´s further out than 3km from active AO



Whilst Pilots roles are closed for the time being, these will open up depending on the turnout of the evening, I will do my best to keep this event updated.

If you are looking for a Pilot role comment below and I can pass this on. 

* Whilst this is a fun event, if you choose to take these roles you are expected to be able to use said equipment proficiently along with basic signals skills. 


DLC: S.O.G Prairie Fire


As of now the only required mods to join the server are:

- Enhanced Movement

Client-side mods like JSRS etc are up to your own discretion. Just don't be an ass.

What makes the grass grow?




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