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CIC Phase 1

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Phase 1 of the Combat Infantryman's Course teaches the fundamentals that are required to function effectively as a rifleman within an infantry section.   

The course, where appropriate, is based on the tactics of the British Army and is presented in both theory and practical exercise form.

Much of the material can be found here within the 16AA SOPs, and reading up is advised:

Additionally, the training gives information about some of the features of Arma we use as a group and provides a better understanding of how 16AA operates. Therefore, whilst recruits are permitted to attend ops before completing this training, they are encouraged to participate as soon as they can to enhance their performance in operations to the benefit of themselves and the group as a whole.

The course is mandatory for all recruits as part of the passing out process as it covers the groundwork of - and is a pre-requisite for - assessment.
The passing of this assessment is required to become a full member of 16AA, entering with the rank of Private.

Recruits who have not successfully completed the Phase 1 training are expected to vote as soon as possible to indicate their availability for the session posted. You can alter your vote if your availability changes.  Those who have previously taken the training are only required to indicate if they wish to attend - anyone irrespective of experience is welcome to attend the training as often as they wish. 

Standard 16AA repo modset used - check for updates in advance.
Connect to the ITC Office > Training Room on TeamSpeak in good time before the posted start and await joining instructions.

Make sure you have pen, paper and something to drink at hand. Expected duration is 4 hours with a 10 minute break half way through.

Instructor - A/LCpl Frederiksen


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