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MSP Heavy Weapons Cadre


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A/Cpl Fairlie

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AIM: To give members of the community an insight into the work of MSP, how we work, what we work and how cool it is to watch carnage from afar. 

CONTENT: The Cadre will cover the characteristics of the weapons systems used by MSP, an In-depth "How to" lesson on the use their limitations and pros & cons of use, and a "look at life" for those interested in trying out MSP. this course is not mandatory and does not aid in or affect participants record nor will affect those in seats of leadership. it is strongly advised that section/platoon commanders attend to learn the effectiveness of MSP and what we can provide to the modern British soldier to affect the accomplishment of a task or mission.

Weapon Systems Covered: L7a2 GPMG & SF, L111A1 HMG, L134A1 GMG, Javelin Anti-Tank Missile and CLU.
Weapon Sytems Demonstrated: M6 60mm Mortar, L16 81mm, L115a1 Sniper Rifle, AMR Rifle

participants will be shown and be able to fire covered weapons and be shown in a demonstration the effectiveness of demonstrated weapons systems.  
Secondary to this is the course will cover the vehicles used by MSP

culminating in a live fire exercise where participants will take on a Russian BTG attempting to reach the Rhine 

2000-2045 course starts with safety briefs and lessons 
2045-2115 demonstration of the mortar components and long-range accurate fire. 
2120-? Fire and forget trial of weapon systems 
? -2230 Live Fire

Location ITC Map Melville Barracks.

MSP Platoon 

Target audience: 
Lads looking to turn armour to scarp 


Pte and above 


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