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  2. @James @Rec James @Plt Off Clayton @Braddock @Wilson McKenzie, Marshall, James MkII and I are playing Onward at 6pm this Saturday (tomorrow). Anyone else is most welcome to join us; we'll be on TeamSpeak.
  3. You know what, why not! I'll set my gear up for friday
  4. @James @Plt Off Clayton Onward this Friday? All others welcome.
  5. bump - anyone interested in playing on, say, Friday this week?
  6. Just got IronWolf VR if someone wants to play sometime
  7. I certainly enjoyed it, it's just a case of finding time and space to set it all up!
  8. Me and Beardmore were up for tonight It might be worth trying a different night though
  9. I'm going to have to bail on tonight. Generally, these don't seem to have been very successful with regards to the number of people coming (although those that did go seemed to enjoy themselves). Would a different day help or is VR just too shit?
  10. OllieB (the other one) and a few other people aren't around today, so I think we'll skip it tonight. Would be good to play next week.
  11. Oculus have fixed their certificate problem, so we're still on for tonight.
  12. @Wilson, I think it is fair to say that we were all liabilities last time we played. For me, figuring out how to reliably reload in a firefight is my main goal, second only to working out how to get the syringe out without picking up three other items first. Protip: the reflex sights are about 1000x easier to use than anything else.
  13. I did try some Single player on Saturday. Frankly I'm going to be a liability, but it should still be fun. It seems to be a little bit more involved than fannying around with a mouse and keyboard.
  14. I have made an event in the calendar to which you can't RSVP for reasons somewhat obscure to me. It was jolly good fun last time, so I hope we can make this into a regular occurrence.
  15. Onward was great fun. Highlight was the 66% textbook grenade throw Clayton dropped at his feet. Same time next week, and sooner if we can manage it?
  16. Il make it:) 2000z id 1600 ast, perfect time:)
  17. Don't forget this evening if you can make it!
  18. Hey @Pte Blanthorn Friday 8pm would be perfect!
  19. hmm if its on 2 of march possibly but no promises because i have moving to a diffrent flat and i might now have everything set up
  20. When is this going to happend. I was away from 16aa for a week and im not fully informed what has been happening
  21. @Pte Cvijanović, @Plt Off Clayton, will you both be around?
  22. Shit, I totally missed this. I can't promise, but i should be able to make it.
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