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  2. FROM: Sir_waffles TO: 16 Air Assault Brigade, Recruitment and Retention Office SUBJECT: New Member Application PRIORITY: ROUTINE DTG: 09/22/20 - 12:53:43 AM PERSONAL DETAILS: Real name Location Nationality SteffanClarke United kingdom British CONFIRM THAT YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING JOINING REQUIREMENTS: Yes - I own Arma3 Yes - I own a Microphone Yes - I am 16 years of age or older Yes - I can meet the 16AA's requirement about no dual clanning Yes - I agree with the statement: 16 Air Assault Brigade's members should be able to attend a 3-hour operation every Sunday at 8 pm London time, and on those occasions when they are unable to do must inform the group of this. They are also expected to respond to any posts that are intended for them in a timely fashion. GAMING AND EXPERIENCE: GAMING AND REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE: ive been playing the arma series since roughly 2006 and most of it was casual or on and off realisim PREVIOUS GROUPS: i was in a PMC unit known as "black sword mercenaries" and i was a squad leader for 2 months before the unit was sadly disbanded REASON FOR APPLYING: ive been wanting to get back into the arma 3 milsim scene for a while now and this unit looks to be a good start as its a British based unit WHERE DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US?: Arma 3 Units website (units.arma3.com)
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  4. Our modpack has been updated; please update now. Please use this ftp for downloading the modpack Usr 16aamodpack Pw hyster Port 21 or Usr 16aamodpack Pw hyster Port 80 The following changes have been made: Added: Updated: @zeuscache @acre @jsrs @L115A3 Removed Dont forget to run Arma 3 without TS the first time in order to install the new version of ACRE correctly. Also it is recommended not to have your 16aa modpack inside your Arma 3 folder. Its best to create an external folder elsewhere.
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    A Coy continue COIN operations in Afghanistan.
  6. You are just south of Doran. No, act on intel and what you can see with your eyes. Search dead enemy, speak to civilians you encounter. Move up to Troop B position and head West.
  7. Where are 1 section spawning and do we have more detail on the area to be searched?
  8. Well done ladies. Now the fun begins!
  9. Thanks guys, really proud to be part of the group
  10. Phase 1 is run 1 or 2 times a month and a notification on discord will be posted when the next one is
  11. Hello, I was accepted yesterday, I wonder when phase 1 starts for me? Will I get notified?
  12. Congrats lads, welcome to the unit fully.
  13. From: Ainsley , Cpl, ITC 2IC To: A Coy + attachments Subject: Promotions and Assignments Priority: Routine DTG: 18SEP20 ++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++ I am pleased to announce that the following recruits have passed their assessment and granted the rank of Pte. Pte Lilloper Pte McGowan Pte Beake They are now full members of the 16AA and will remain with their current sections. Please join me in congratulating them on their promotion. I am sure we can all look forwards to working with them. +++++++++++++++ENDS+++++++++++++++
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  15. FRAGO HABASH VI TO: A COY, 2 PARA BN. FROM: SILBOT, LT, OC 1 PLT, A COY, 2 PARA BN. SUBJECT: OPERATION HABASH VI 132000ZSEP20 ++++++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++++++ I. PRELIMS TIME: 0830L 7th March 2012 WEATHER: Clear, no wind and temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees. CURRENT POS: North and South of Doran MAP DATA: Here TASK ORG; 10A: Lt Silbot 10B: Sgt Scarle 11C: Cpl Ainsley 12C: Cpl Joyce 13C: Cpl McPherson 41A: Cpl Cullen 43A: Pte Keeling 44A: LCpl Tasner W70: LCpl Pettersson II. SITUATION After completing the initial phase of the company’s intent, the company is now deployed to patrol bases around the region. With the extended reach, all platoons will now commence ISR operations and build the intelligence package for the task force. The enemy efforts have been unsuccessful in interfering with our mission and are expected to be less intense and organised. This is in line with the overall plan for phase two. III. GROUND In General: Asadabad is mostly a dry area, with some agricultural green zones along Kunar river,surrounded by the many mountain ranges rising above the province. The area has some larger more populated towns along with many smaller villages on the outskirts with little population easy for the Taliban to extort and claim a foothold. The road network is decent due to the many smugglers using the province as a safe haven to transport drugs, weapons and people. In Detail: We are deploying to the capital of Kunar province, Asadabad and will be setting up in camps north west of the town by the Pech river. Our main base will be FOB BUDD located close to a larger populated town, in order to assist all friendly forces in the province. The manoeuvre elements of the company will be located at PB Ashworth and PB Leakey on the mountains surrounding FOB Budd, in order to close the gap between coalition troops and locals. IV. ENEMY FORCES Known & Suspected En. Positions: Intelligence suggests there are multiple insurgency headquarters and training facilities in the province, but no exact location has been established. Intelligence suggests an enemy hideout in the western part of 1 platoons sector. Strength: J2 assesses up to thousands across the province, of which several hundred are expected to be in our AO. Morale: Moderate Weaponry: AK and Soviet Era weaponry in use. Depending on the contents being smuggled across the border, more advanced weapons are to be expected. US naval special warfare confirms that they have encountered Soviet era static emplacements during operations in the area. Calibre up to 12.7mm and RPG/STRELA Missiles. IDF: Mortars, unknown number and kind. Vehicles: Mainly Civilian vehicles adapted with Soviet Era Weaponry. Aircraft: None. Air Threat: Moderate. Soviet STRELA missiles have been reported. Mine/IED Threat: MODERATE - General AO, HIGH - Areas of interest. V. ENEMY INTENT To maintain control of the province and continue operations against coalition forces. VI. FRIENDLY FORCES 2 Para, A company JHC 16CSMR 13AASR USMC provincial QRF VII. LOCAL FORCES ANP ANA VIII. ROE CARD ALPHA ‘424’ IX. MISSION 1UP: Conduct ISR operations within platoon sectors in order to build an intelligence package of the region with actionable target data. INTENT Troop A Objective Find & collect intel from the downed choppers North in the hills of Nefer. Troop B Objective Concentration Camp/Propaganda Camp - South of PB Leakey Neutralise and capture the compound in order to rescue civilians and return them to FOD Budd. Amir is being held there. Big bluefor morale boost if completed X. EXECUTION Troop A Move North from current position to Troop B former position. Move West along the ridge through the hills and woods. Locate downed aircraft and collect blackbox data and recover any bodies. Act on any intel gained from searching the enemy. Troop B Locate a sufficient LZ and call in for a helo lift to PB Leakey. Rearm with sufficient munitions to enact an assault. Move by ground vehicles to the designated disembarkation point (to be determined by 1-0-B). Execute an assault on the concentration camp. Recover any evidence and CASEVAC any and all civilians discovered at the camp. XI. GUIDELINES All civilians held in our care must be searched and remain cuffed at all times. All Blackbox data and friendly bodies must be recovered While this is an assault, you are still required to PID your targets. Civilian casualties will result in mission failure. XII. TIMINGS O-group: 1945 Radio check: 1955 Both troops to move: 2000 H-hour: 2000 XIII. CSS Personnel: Appoint and bring a terp (IP). Dress: CEFO, MTP uniforms & PPE. Equipment: As per SOP. (COIN) <-That means bring valons and paint. Weapons: As per SOP. Ammo: As per SOP. Meds: CTM and CSMR. CCP/CAP: Role 2, FOB BUDD. POWs / Detainees: To be delivered to 40B XIV. COMMAND AND SIGNAL i. Command: Lt Silbot (10A), Sgt Scarle (10B), LCpl Pettersson (W70), Pte Taylor (W73). ii. Signals: Ch1 1 Plt net, Ch2 2 Plt net, Ch3 3 Plt net, Ch4 4 Plt net, Ch5 Coy net, Ch6 Fires net, Ch7 Flight net (internal), Ch8 CAS net, Ch9 Flight utility net. Frequencies as per FST IC. iii. Challenge/Response: RIDE / LIGHTNING +++++++++++++++++++ENDS+++++++++++++++++++
  16. Pte Peto


    A NAVEX course will be run due to cancellation last week. This is also a requirement for promotion. Pte and above may attend.
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  18. For those interested, here's an insight from an ex-FSG member. I spent most of my time before becoming 1/2 IC as a member of FSG back when it was larger and had the most senior members in the team. These guys were, and still are, a great set of dedicated folks who really take pride in the jobs they perform for the rest of us. FSG is somewhat a selfless assignment, as you are mostly tasked with watching over the rest of the unit while they kick in doors and deal with a lot of contacts. You will have moments where you will see the enemy well before the other sections, but you can't engage for fear of giving yourself and the company away or because the enemy are just too far away. That said, you will have amazing moments too which could land you in the unit's history books. I've performed assaults that pushed enemies back into friendly artillery with these guys with nothing but my pistol, and everyone else just letting loose with whatever they had. I've been a part of distraction flanks where we used Jackal vehicles to surprise and suppress the enemy so that the infantry could get out of the open during an assault. When you join FSG, you're joining a team of tight-knit gents who look out for each-other at all times and you're never alone when you're a part of FSG. Just know that although you have the big toys and the big guns, that you will not always be shooting them and being the hero. And that you'll probably be the ammo bitch and the driver for the first few months until you get given your team nickname -Cpl "Pikey" Joyce
  19. Our modpack has been updated; please update now. Please use this ftp for downloading the modpack Usr 16aamodpack Pw hyster Port 21 or Usr 16aamodpack Pw hyster Port 80 The following changes have been made: Added: Updated: @arty Removed
  20. Our modpack has been updated; please update now. Please use this ftp for downloading the modpack Usr 16aamodpack Pw hyster Port 21 The following changes have been made: Added: @arty Updated: @cup_terrains_core @cup_terrains_maps Removed
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    A Coy continue COIN operations in Afghanistan.
  22. Our modpack has been updated; please update now. Please use this ftp for downloading the modpack Usr 16aamodpack Pw hyster Port 21 The following changes have been made: Added: @L115A3 Updated: @16aa_accessories @firewill @jsrs @zeuscache Removed
  23. TO: A Coy + attachments FROM: Culen, Cpl, FSG IC SUBJECT: FSG Recruitment PRIORITY: Routine ++++++++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++++++++ FSG are currently looking to recruit additional members to the section (I'd like at least 2, but realistically as many as @Lt Silbot lets me get away with). Duties: Provide effective fire support to allow the Platoon infantry elements freedom of manoeuvre against the enemy. Act as a force multiplier for infantry sections carrying out the Platoon objectives. Work with infantry sections to provide direct or indirect fires as required. Liaise with FST and other assets to ensure safe and appropriate use of artillery weapon systems. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. Essential Requirements: At least 2 months as Private or above. Must be able to evidence good attendance record. Ability to work and communicate well with others. Desirable Skills: Working knowledge of FSG weapon systems (60mm / 81mm mortar, Javelin, GPMG, Drone, Long Rifle). The key requirement for the role is to have a positive attitude and approach to delivering support to fulfil the objective / mission at hand. Full training re-training on the weapon systems will be given during Home Rotations. Candidates are to send a forum message to @LCpl Rabbit and myself, with a brief summary of any past relevant experience and a short synopsis of why you want to join FSG. After an initial review of interest, next steps will be an invitation to a ride-along with FSG (either during an OP or during HR) to determine suitability for the role before taking on any successful applicants. +++++++++++++++ENDS+++++++++++++++
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