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  3. Pte Manning

    Phase 1

    The initial infantry training to get you on your feet as a operational member of 16AA. All recruits should make best effort to attend to enable you to progress into the rank of Pte.
  4. Pte McPherson

    Mission tests

    Continuing on the mission test for missions 5,6,7.
  5. Pte Wolf

    Media Team Meeting

    Agenda: Roles & Administration Current Projects - Assignment & Deadlines Future Projects - Assignment & Deadlines AOB (Any other business)
  6. until
    Ladies and Gents, the remodel that everyone has asked for is here. Following on from offensive operations, we are now required to defend the ground taken by our forces. Recruits are asked to attend to assist in filling the part of OpFor! The course is only open for those already enrolled!
  7. Last week
  8. Arma 2 was life. Too many great campaigns!
  9. Woah this thread is old. Nice video too see as it's Arma 2
  10. I know this won't look like much for any of the current members compared to Arma 3, but this was some bloody good fun. You'd have enjoyed it.
  11. I wasnt in the car. I bailed when I heard it coming. It was Silbot who caught it in the teeth.
  12. until
    A Coy continues its fight with the PLA in Norway
  13. https://youtu.be/efuglqJabDI
  14. Earlier
  15. I wish TS was recorded for this 😄
  16. When the CSM hears you lost your rifle in field...
  17. Haven't had a good thread going in awhile, let me start with this
  18. yup, anything you want. just ideally only team leads with a 152 radio
  19. What gear we using? Whatever we like?
  20. yeah good point haha i'll add it too top too FTP auto config It's same mods though, just reduced pack
  21. Also, whats the modline?
  22. Bung me in as a pilot..
  23. Could I grab DMR in Green Team please
  24. we can end up getting tanks and LAV's etc But so does the enemy if threat level get's too high
  25. I've slotted some folk up but again the fireteams are just recommendations and not fixed to that job if folk want to swap around etc
  26. haha, mong 😛 Strnad I'll put you as a team leader if we have enough bods for 3 teams
  27. I'll buddy up with Macsmeglord as rifleman
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