16 Air Assault Brigade Operations that occurred during 2016


  1. Operation EPHESUS

    ISAF HQ has determined that it is necessary to increase available combat power in the southern border province of Takistan in order to free up sufficient troops to conduct deeper sweeps into enemy held territory and to disrupt the flow of fighters, weapons and ammunition to front line Takiban units currently pressurising the Takistani Army in major population centres to the north.

  2. Operation JUNO

    A Coy deploys to the Black Sea as part of NATO Taskforce JUNO

  3. Operation HERACLES

    Across TAKISTAN a renewed Takiban offensive in the wake of ISAF withdrawals appears aimed at destabilising the country and unseating the Government of National Unity.

    KUNDUZ VALLEY is on the front line. Despite heavy fighting in early 2015 during which UK troops deployed as part of ISAF operation CERBERUS successfully dismantled major insurgent networks ISAF J2 assess that recent attacks on TNA garrisons indicate an increasing insurgent presence in the green zone.

  4. Operation PERSEUS

    The Joint Intelligence Committee has advised the National Security Council that the risk of further military-style attacks in urban areas has increased. The Defence Council has therefore approved an expansion in the training and maintenance of high-readiness sovereign Counter-Terrorist intervention capability for potential deployment in the European theatre.

  5. Operation SELEUCUS

    Since wresting control from Iraqi Security Forces in 2014 fighters from the so-called 'Divine State' have held and administered large swathes of DIYALA PROVINCE.

    UKF and US forces have been tasked to deliver key objectives in support of large scale efforts by the Iraqi Army and elements of Kurdish Peshmerga to inflict a strategic defeat on 'Divine State' and drive them out of Iraqi territory.

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