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16 Air Assault Brigade operations that occurred during 2019


  1. Operation SIRIUS

    The 16AA deploys to the Aegean island of ALTIS where unrest has been growing after unconfirmed rumours of the involvement of elements of UKF in the killing of unarmed civilians led to violent rioting.

    It is believed that a coup is underway, led by elements of the Hellenic Armed Forces.

  2. Operation VICARIUS

    The 16AA deploys to the SAVOROLO ARCHIPELAGO in the NORTHERN PACIFIC for historic joint exercises with the JAPANESE SELF-DEFENSE FORCES.


    The exercises are brought to an abrupt halt when a C-130 conducting a paradrop is intercepted and shot down by UNKNOWN FORCES.

  3. Operation SEA LION

    The 16AA deploys to AGIOS EFSTRATIOS, where a small faction of the HELLENIC ARMED FORCES are attempting to mount a COUP D'ÉTAT. The agitants' motives are not yet clear.


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