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Training Qualifications

  1. Combat Infantry Course

    Has completed the combat infantry course.

  2. Combat Team Medic

    Trained in basic battlefield first aid and can take a role of a section medic.

  3. Navigation

    Trained in navigation.

  4. Signals

    Trained to use the communication equipment available to him in a confident manner, both on Plt and Coy nets.

  5. Sniper Course

    This is awarded to those that have completed the Sniper Course. Those that have completed this course have achieved the highest standard of marksmanship.

  6. Forward Air Controller

    Has completed the forward air controller course.

  7. Jump Wings

    Has completed the static line jumps course and has completed 3 day training jumps, 2 night training jumps, and 3 live operation jumps.

  8. Advanced Parachutist

    Has completed the HAHO/HALO jump course and showed the required competency to be an advanced parachutist.

  9. Master Parachutist

    To be awarded this badge you will need to have passed the Parachute Course and completed a total of 20 Parachute drops during Operations. This is a prerequisite for becoming a Parachute Instructor.

  10. Combat Medical Technician

    Trained in advanced battlefield first aid and basic casualty care.

  11. Defence Instructional Techniques Course

    The ability to pass on knowledge and skills to colleagues is of critical importance in the military, where all commanders are responsible for providing training, not just specialist instructors. Therefore, the ability to teach junior colleagues can be vital not only to achieving success but also to maintaining their safety in hazardous situations.

  12. Fire Team Commanders Course

    Has completed the Fire team commanders course.

  13. Section Commander Battle Course

    This course teaches you method of instruction, how to deliver orders and how to effectively and decisively command your fire team/section on the battlefield.

  14. Platoon Sergeants Battle Course

    Has completed Platoon Sergeants Battle Course.

  15. Platoon Commanders Battle Course

    Platoon Commanders Battle Course

  16. Elementry Flying Course

    Has completed elementry flying course.

  17. Operational Conversion Rotary

    Has completed Operational Conversion Rotary training.

  18. Operational Conversion Course Fast Jets.

    Has completed the Operational Conversion Course Fast Jets.

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