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  1. Bohemia have released a patch that fixes the worst of the issues, so we're swapping back to the normal version of ArmA. You'll need to do this before Sunday - it's a 6GB download.
  2. BI have confirmed that this issue is their fault: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/183855-release-candidate-branch-announcements/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-3384782_wrap We'll stay on 1.94 until they fix it, which could be a while.
  3. People asked for a more memorable invite link. You can now send your friends https://discord.16aa.net or https://16aa.net/discord to visit in their browser and they can click on the button to launch Discord and join the room. You can't use those links in the "Join room" section of the Discord application because Discord want to charge for that functionality - for that use the existing link: https://discord.gg/DkKhQ2W.
  4. Clayton just got caught out by this again - make sure you're using HTTP rather than FTP or you'll have bigger downloads (3GB vs 24GB this week)
  5. Blanthorn



    Most of the details are https://community.16aa.net/guides/setting-up-our-arma3-modpack/ and https://community.16aa.net/guides/arma3-server-information/. In the servers tab in ArmA3Sync, just enter the game server details from the second link and then click the bar at the bottom of the window, pick the server you just entered, then click the "start" button in the bottom right. I'm unlikely to be able to help today as I don't have much free time. You might be able to find someone else though - try asking on Discord. Edit: Smith says he fixed it for you. Thanks Smith!
  6. Blanthorn


    The 16AA returns from a hectic deployment in the Aegean sea to get to grips with some new radios, introduce some new ICs to their sections, refresh basic fire and manoeuvre techniques and improve whole-unit cohesion.
  7. The 16AA continues to harass the enemy from behind the front lines.
  8. I'd strongly recommend anyone still using the FTP switches to HTTP. HTTP supports delta updates while FTP does not. For last week's mod-pack, that meant people on HTTP had to download 20 megabytes while people on FTP had to download 21 gigabytes (that is not a typo). Just flicking through the logs I can see that @Cpl McPherson, @Pte Fairlie, @A/LCpl Colthurst, @LCpl Cullen, and @Flt Lt Goosen are all still using the FTP. I got bored of looking so I suspect it is far more widespread than just those few. Switching is simple: In ArmA3Sync, on the repository tab, single click the 16AA, click the pencil on the right, and edit the details such that they are the same as this page: https://community.16aa.net/guides/arma3-server-information/#ips_uid_5055_12 When I wrote the previous post I didn't realise it would make such a big difference.
  9. The 16AA continues to fight through the town of Sofia.
  10. The 16AA deploys to Altis, a flashpoint in the Aegean sea, to restore peace and stability against the spectre of a large conventional force.
  11. TRAINING ORDER TO: SILBOT, LT, OC, A COY 2 PARA BN FROM: HICKS, R, MAJ PRIORITY: IMMEDIATE SUBJECT: HOME ROTATION ++++++++++++ BEGINS ++++++++++++++ LOCATION: CHERNARUS TYPE: CONVENTIONAL ITC STAFF: Rabbit, Blanthorn, Fairlie, Cvijanovic TRAINING PROGRAM: MAY 19 1 Section Staff: Pte Rabbit, Sgt Blanthorn PROGRAM: All Members are to attend a AT/AA Course. NOTES: Some members are to fall out for CMT/CTM Training. 3 Section Staff: Pte Rabbit, Sgt Blanthorn PROGRAM: All Members are to attend a AT/AA Course. NOTES: Some members are to fall out for CMT/CTM Training. FSG Staff: NIL PROGRAM: Testing weapons & equipment, range time. 16CMSR Staff: NIL PROGRAM: NIL JHC: Staff: NIL PROGRAM: To conduct fixed & rotary wing training, guided & unguided ordnance training; resupply missions; train up new recuits. ++++++++++++ ENDS ++++++++++++++
  12. Blanthorn


    The 16AA continues its training.
  13. Blanthorn


    The 16AA focuses on brushing up on its drills relevant to conventional warfare.
  14. The 16AA makes its last push up to its extraction point.
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