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  1. Pte Blanthorn


  2. Pte Blanthorn

    Applications invited for H/RRO

    From: Blanthorn, Pte, H/REME, 16AA HQ To: A Coy + Attachments Subject: H/RRO vacancy Priority: Routine DTG: 202000ZJAN19 ++++++++++++++BEGINS+++++++++++++++ The head of our Recruitment and Retention Office (H/RRO), Bowler, has resigned, and will leave his post on February 3rd. On behalf of the whole of the 16AA, I would like to thank him warmly for his considerable contribution to this community over the past few years. In line with 16AA policy, applications are invited immediately for the post of H/RRO. They will be responsible for the personnel of the entire Company, all things related to applicants, recruits, retention, recruitment campaigns, complaints, transfers, assignments; they will also form part of HQ, and have a critical role in setting recruitment standards for the unit. Applications for the RRO roles are to be made in writing to Bowler, the outgoing H/RRO, no later than 272359ZJAN19 (27th January) and will be considered by HQ thereafter. Please include any relevant qualifications and experience along with a short statement of why you want to be considered for the post. HQ reserves the right to appoint a successful candidate based on application, or to conduct an interview process. Any questions on the application process should be directed to the current H/RRO (Bowler) and the Coy OC (Silbot). Carry on. ++++++++++++++ENDS++++++++++++++++
  3. Pte Blanthorn

    Onward - availability

    @James @Rec James @Plt Off Clayton @Braddock @Wilson McKenzie, Marshall, James MkII and I are playing Onward at 6pm this Saturday (tomorrow). Anyone else is most welcome to join us; we'll be on TeamSpeak.
  4. Pte Blanthorn

    UPDATE A3: Modpack

    Our modpack has been updated (again); please update now. The following changes have been made: Updated: @cup_terrains_core (changelog) @cup_terrains_maps (changelog) Size of update: ~12 GB
  5. Pte Blanthorn


    OPERATION ORDER TO: A COY 2 PARA BN FROM: SULLIVAN, CPL, A COY ITC IC SUBJECT: HOME ROTATION II 202000ZJAN19 ++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++++ I. SITUATION It has been 3 days since civilian Joe Blogs has been taken by local separatist forces. His last known location is the town of Gorka in Chernarus. The town has long been evacuated due to local unrest and is believed to only be occupied by enemy forces. II. GROUND Undulating terrain with intermittent tree cover and a variety of building. Surrounded by forest to the north and sweeping fields to the south and east. III. ENEMY FORCES The very deadly Figure 11 enemy. Morale is assessed to be incredibly high, these men fear nothing and will stand their ground no matter the threat in front of them. IV. FRIENDLY FORCES B Coy have been pulled from their own manoeuvres in the north to assist, they have their own tasking but will act as QRF if needed and halt any escape by the enemy to the north. V. IN DETAIL Phase 1: Company will depart Camp Freddie and head towards the West side of Gorka, disembarking vehicles at a sensible distance and proceeding on foot to Phase line Yellow. Phase 2: We will strategically and methodically clear through all sectors, 1/1 to take north of the MSR and 1/3 to take south. Searching for Mr Blogs as we go. His most likely whereabouts is marked as Objective Mars. Reports suggest a enemy lightly fortified position and also a circa 1950's AA truck, making infil by helicopter unsuitable. Being an old and slow mechanical system, it possesses little/no threat to fixed wing assets. Phase 3: Once we reach PHASE LINE BLUE a full assault on to Objective Mars will be undertaken. Once cleared of all enemy presence, controlled detonation is to be performed on all enemy assets. Mr Blogs can be identified by his civilian clothing and hopefully a camera in hand should he be able to keep hold of it. Should Mr Blogs not be located at Objective Mars, the enemy is attempting to extract him to sympathising forces north east. B Coy will have halted their escape and he will be most likely held at Objective Ares. Enemy can be expected from the east shortly after the assault. If capable this will be destroyed by fixed wing assets. Phase 4: Company will move through the forest to the north on to objective Ares. Phase 5: Black phase line acts as LOE. Back to camp for tea and medals. VI. CSS i. Dress: CEFO, MTP and PPE. ii. Equipment: SOP iii. Weapons. SOP iv. Meds/CMT: As per SOP. v. POW & Detainees: Report to 10A. VII. COMMAND AND SIGNAL i. Command: Lt Silbot (0A), 2Lt MacDonald (10A) ii. Signals: 148/117 Channels; 1 Pltn net channel 1, Coy net channel 3, Log net channel 4, Fires net channel 5, Flight net channel 6. iii. Challenge/Response: PAPA ALPHA / ROMEO ALPHA +++++++++++++++ENDS+++++++++++++++++
  6. Pte Blanthorn

    HOME ROTATION I 13JAN20192000Z

  7. Pte Blanthorn

    UPDATE A3: Modpack

    Our modpack has been updated; please update now. The following changes have been made: Added: @rhsusaf @rhsafrf Updated: @16aa_thirdparty ace_tracers updated F/18 updated @ace @acex @acre2 @cba_a3 Removed: @ww1_mod @sullivansfirstworldwar @faces_of_war @cup_terrains_cwa Size of update: ~12 GB (or ~1GB if you saved RHS previously)
  8. Pte Blanthorn

    UPDATE A3: Modpack

    Our modpack has been updated; please update now. The following changes have been made: Added: @cup_terrains_cwa @faces_of_war @sullivansfirstworldwar @ww1_mod Removed: @cactus Size of update: ~11GB.
  9. Pte Blanthorn

    UPDATE A3: Modpack

    There'll be a large modpack update tomorrow morning. If you want to get a head start, and you're technically competent enough to find, drag, drop, and rename (and work out what to rename them to) some folders, feel free to download Faces of war CUP Terrains - CWA WW1 MOD - REMEMBRANCE 11th november [sic] preview (early alpha) from wherever you please.
  10. Pte Blanthorn

    Operation CACTUS I

    We'll try again this Wednesday. Totally optional.
  11. Pte Blanthorn

    UPDATE A3: Modpack

    Our modpack has been updated; please update now. The following changes have been made: Added: @cactus Updated: @ace - RHS compatability removed. Removed: @falcon @rhsusaf @rhsafrf NB: @rhsusaf and @rhsafrf will be required again after Christmas. They have been removed as there simply isn't space for everything on the FTP at once, and they are not required for Operation Cactus. DO NOT / DO NOT allow ArmA3sync to delete them if you don't want to have to download them again after Christmas. Just untick them before clicking the "play" button on download addons and let them stay blue. The same goes for @falcon if you want to play it again any time soon (e.g, this evening). Size of update: ~16GB. We might be able to reduce the size of @cactus, but probably not any quicker than you can download it.
  12. Pte Blanthorn

    UPDATE A3: Modpack

    Our modpack has been updated; please update now. The following changes have been made: Updated: @falcon - Rebel helmets nerfed, "Hoth" map added. Size of update: ~800MB.
  13. Pte Blanthorn

    UPDATE A3: Modpack

    There will be a roughly 700MB update to the modpack tonight or tomorrow morning.
  14. Pte Blanthorn

    UPDATE A3: Modpack

    Our modpack has been updated; please update now. The following changes have been made: Updated: @falcon - Cantina menu screen added (launch without world=empty for the full experience) and bzly_menufixes updated in preparation for Operation Falcon II. Size of update: ~10MB.
  15. Pte Blanthorn

    Operation FALCON I 022000ZDEC18

    The modline for tonight will be @cba_a3, @falcon, @acex, @acre2, @cup_terrains_core, @cup_terrains_maps. Optional mods are permitted as usual. We've taken the unusal step of enabling third person to make up for the unfamiliar vehicles. We'll disable it again once FALCON is completed. Please note you will not be able to launch with @falcon enabled until you have downloaded a small modpack update which will be released by 1930Z.