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  1. Sgt Blanthorn

    UPDATE A3: Modpack

    Our modpack has been updated; please update now. The following changes have been made: Added: @sealion The enemy, sensing that they were losing the island, have procured more equipment from their mysterious benefactors. Size of update: ~200KB (yes, KB)
  2. Sgt Blanthorn

    UPDATE A3: Modpack

    Our modpack has been updated; please update now. The following changes have been made: Updated: @16aa L85A2 carryhandle and BFA variant added non-BFA jungle units now wear their PPE as Her Majesty requires Various units updated to use new third-party addons, most notably: new GPMG new L110A3 new L129A1 and scope Various new third-party weapons will now use 16AA magazines Crates updated with new sights and guns Irrelevant third-party weapons hidden from editor (e.g, those that use magazines that we don't have). Foxhound: has been given a slight engine upgrade so it shouldn't be so slow up hills now has useful stuff in its inventory should appear in the right place in the editor Most 16AA vehicles will now be populated with crew when they are placed in Zeus or the editor Our units now have slightly neater code, which could have messed up some people's gear. Let me know if you spot anything. Some units now spawn with scrim helmets Fixed medical dummy NVGs now start off in your inventory rather than on your helmet @16aa_thirdparty 3CB's L7A2, L129A1, L110A3 added The textures aren't fantastic but are quite a bit better than what was there before, I think. 3CB accessories added RKSL sights added Foxhound patch moved to first party Size: ~400MB 
  3. Sgt Blanthorn

    Operation Sea Lion III

    Morris has been here a while, but he's less of an "OG" and more of an "Oh, G!".
  4. Sgt Blanthorn


    The 16AA consolidates its position after taking the 04 northing.
  5. Sgt Blanthorn


    As we have seen in the first operations, the enemy have been using standard Eastern Bloc weaponry and uniforms, with a possible connection to Russia. The quality of weaponry seen in use by the enemy shows that they have the funding and logistics of a small regular military: we have seen standard Eastern Bloc assault weapons in the form of AK-type weapons, PKMs and related weapon systems, and heavy weaponry in the form of a technical equipped with an HMG. We have also discovered a high level radar system accompanied by an anti-air system. The radar and anti-air emplacements were previously installed and operated by the HELLENIC ARMED FORCES. The uniforms in use by the enemy is also of note. It was previously determined that these were of Eastern Bloc origin with possible connections to Russia. However, no Russian units have been seen or recorded as using these types of uniforms or camo structures in the past 3 decades. The town of Girni was unfortunately the site of a mass grave. There are a number of possibilities behind this mass grave. However, we do not wish to speculate on events and will continue investigations. We currently do not have any communications with Air Station Mike-26, Camp Rogain or Airbase Stratis. All are being considered hostile. We have also had no contact or communication with any of the HELLENIC ARMED FORCES that were based on the island. Their allegiance and state is still unknown. Due to the lack of advanced body armour, mechanised or air support, the enemy is not believed to be from a conventional army. Our current assessment is that they may be a private military company, or some loose coalition of mercenaries. A major objective is to determine their ultimate employer.
  6. Sgt Blanthorn


    OPERATION ORDER TO: SILBOT, LT, OC, A COY 2 PARA BN FROM: HICKS, R, MAJ PRIORITY: IMMEDIATE SUBJECT: Operation SEA LION III 172000ZFEB19 +++++++++++++++BEGINS+++++++++++++++ I. PRELIMS Time: 1000L Climate: temperate: foggy at dusk and dawn; warm and sunny during the day. METAR: slightly cloudy, good visibility. More cloud forming by 1800L. Current position: CAMP MAXWELL, AGIOS EFSTRATIOS TASK ORG: 0A - Lt Silbot 0B - Sgt Blanthorn 41A - Cpl Scarle II. GROUND Windswept mediterranean island; dusty ground with patches of foliage. Many valleys dotted with sparse woodland, with few roads and settlements. MAP DATA: III. SITUATION We have retaken the town of GIRNA, and CAMP TEMPEST, neutralising the AA THREAT from that area. AIR STATION MIKE-26, GR 043 038, is understood still have functional AA emplacements. CAMP MAXWELL and a BLOCKING POSN to its WEST is being held by B COY. CAMP TEMPEST is held by C COY. It is imperative that we destroy all AA in the area so we can regain AIR SUPERIORITY and RE-ESTABLISH CASEVAC so that we can extract wounded to CDG. ENEMY FORCES Strength: The HELLENIC ARMED FORCES had two companies stationed on the island. The total population of the island is approximately 300. From the forces we have encountered, J2 estimates that there may be one or two EN BATALLIONS remaining on the island. Morale: assessed as high. Small arms: Eastern Bloc. Heavy weapons: Some RPGs and HMGs. Vehicles: presumed limited. Aircraft: presumed limited. Air threat: AIR STATION MIKE-26 and the AIRFIELD are believed to have ADVANCED AA CAPABILITY. Mine threat: low. FRIENDLY FORCES B Coy at CAMP MAXWELL and a blocking position to the EAST. C Coy at CAMP TEMPEST. JHC are operating ISTARs and CAS from CDG, holding at GR 918 938. Unknown numbers of HELLENIC ARMED FORCES still loyal to the Greek government. Unknown numbers of civilians who have taken up arms against the ENEMY FORCES. IV. MISSION We are to launch an assault on OBJECTIVE ALPHA, AIR STATION MIKE-26, GR 043 038. We will DESTROY any AA CAPABILITY in the surrounding area. V. EXECUTION JHC will perform ISTARs on OBJ ALPHA and the surrounding areas. We will move NORTH using the re-entrant to the EAST of CAMP MAXWELL. FSG will split off and form up on REVERSE SLOPE of HILL 178 in GR 037 037. 1/1 and 1/3 will cross SADDLE in GR 035 038 and move into the base of the VALLEY, following it EAST then SOUTH EAST to approx GR 039 038. FSG will set up BASE OF FIRE on HILL 178. 1/1 and 1/3 will conduct ASSAULT EAST onto OBJECTIVE ALPHA. Once the assault is complete, all AA batteries in the area are to be rendered inoperable. LOE is the 045 NORTHING. VI. ROE Card BRAVO: armed militiary-aged males in militiary clothing may be engaged at will in pursuit of valid military objectives. You must still identify yourselves to anyone in civilian clothing, armed or otherwise. VII. CSS i. Dress: CEFO, MTP and PPE. ii. Equipment: AT and demolition charges to be carried, rest as per SOP. iii. Weapons: As per SOP iv. Ammo: As per SOP v. Meds/CMT: extraction to MAXWELL by foot, quad bike, or Foxhound. Casualties to be patched up in field as far as possible. Extraction to CDG is not possible until AA threat has been neutralised. IIX. COMMAND AND SIGNAL i. Command: Lt Silbot (0/A), Sgt Blanthorn (0/B), Cpl Sullivan (1/1/C). ii. Signals: 148/152 channels: 1 Plt net channel 1, Logistics net channel 3, Flight net channel 7. iii. Challenge/response: QUEBEC UNIFORM / INDIA MIKE iv. Timings: O-Group: 1945Z H-Hour: 2000Z +++++++++++++++++ENDS+++++++++++++++++
  7. Sgt Blanthorn

    Looking for old RRO documentation

    Calling all old members - if anyone has copies of old training materials, SOPs, etc, please let me know. I'm trying to make a REME sanctioned archive of it all. Cheers!
  8. Sgt Blanthorn


    The 16AA continues its mission to recapture AGIOS EFSTRATIOS.
  9. Sgt Blanthorn

    UPDATE A3: Modpack

    Our modpack has been updated; please update now. The following changes have been made: Updated: @16aa_thirdparty added Foxhound as UOR to replace Land Rovers for most purposes fixed Foxhound engine idle noises and removed bottom mirrors to fix thermal cameras Size: ~160MB
  10. Sgt Blanthorn

    Unit update

    From: Blanthorn, Sgt, on behalf of 16AA HQ To: A Coy + Attachments Subject: Unit update Priority: Routine DTG: 112220ZFEB19 ++++++++++++++BEGINS+++++++++++++++ 16AA HQ has several announcements to make, all of which are effective immediately: Lt Silbot becomes OC 1 Plt, Blanthorn, Pte, is promoted to Sgt, and assigned as 2IC 1 Plt, All attachments previously attached to A Coy are now directly attached to 1 Plt, The Manoeuvre Support Platoon (MSP) will now be known as the Fire Support Group (FSG) to reflect its more nimble nature, Scarle, Pte, is promoted to Cpl, and re-assumes command of FSG, The minimum age for joining the 16AA has been reduced to 16. RRO will ensure that the standard of applicants remains unchanged, J3 and DISTAFF have been mothballed due to changing requirements of RLC and lack of personnel in these areas. Please join me in congratulating all those with new appointments. ++++++++++++++ENDS++++++++++++++++
  11. Sgt Blanthorn

    Promotions and Assignments

    Congratulations all!
  12. Sgt Blanthorn


    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - NATO members signed an accord with Macedonia on Wednesday allowing the tiny ex-Yugoslav republic to become the 30th member of the U.S.-led alliance after a deal with Greece ended a 27-year-old dispute over its name. At a formal signing of the NATO accession protocol, which must now be ratified by allied governments, Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov hailed the moment as showing that the country “will never walk alone” once in the alliance. “We stand beside these 29 allies... able and ready to assume the obligations arising from our full membership in NATO,” Dimitrov told a news conference after NATO ambassadors signed the protocol. The ratification process typically takes about a year, and the United States has said it expects Macedonia - now known officially as North Macedonia under the terms of its name deal with Greece - to formally join the alliance in 2020. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the admittance of a new member highlighted that all European nations who met the entrance criteria could join the regional alliance, a position Moscow rejects. “It shows that NATO’s door remains open for countries that meet NATO standards and that adhere to the NATO values of democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty,” Stoltenberg said. Russia says that by taking in Balkan members, the alliance is undermining security in the region. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-nato-macedonia/macedonia-signs-accord-to-join-nato-despite-russian-misgivings-idUSKCN1PV1KB
  13. Sgt Blanthorn

    Promotions and Assignments

    Congratulations, Lees! Well deserved!
  14. Sgt Blanthorn


    FRAGO+++++++FRAGO+++++++FRAGO+++++++FRAGO+++++++FRAGO To: OC, A COY 2 PARA BN From: HICKS, R, MAJ Priority: IMMEDIATE DTG: 052200ZFEB19 SATINT EXECUTION 1/1 and FSG will proceed as stated before until they reach SADDLE in GR 024 029. FSG will set up OP there to cover our assault onto the town. 1/1 will then move SW in TREE COVER to base of valley, and then move WEST into the town via stream. 1/3's orders are unchanged. FRAGO+++++++FRAGO+++++++FRAGO+++++++FRAGO+++++++FRAGO
  15. Sgt Blanthorn


    After our first operation on AGIOS EFSTRATIOS, J2 has continued to gather intelligence. The location and allegiance of the HELLENIC ARMED FORCES and civilians based on the island and the origin of the forces that we came into contact with is not yet clear. From the casualties that we sustained, it is believed that the forces on this island have received a level of military training. The ROE has been adjusted accordingly. J2's investigations will continue alongside our operations. Developments on Altis consist of a buffer zone of approximately 500 metres between Altis goverment checkpoints and the checkpoints of the forces occupying the south of the island. No recorded shots have been fired across the buffer zone.