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  1. Sendall


    Soldiers will bitch and moan about everything. l85 does its job for a good price and that is what is important.
  2. 1/2 Attendance Yes - 8 Cpl Sendall Pte Archie Pte MacDougall Pte Fuente Pte Tuggins Pte Colthurst Rec Worall Rec Hawkings No - 1 A/LCpl Lee Maybe - 1 Rec Jensen L Not voted - 1 Rec Howells
  3. One thing. Question 2 talks about the poor conditions of the Somme. Do you mean the Somme or do you mean Paschendale/Ypres? Conditions on the Somme were relatively good excusing the ungodly amounts of artillery and ongoing war. That and I am fairly sure the first survey mentioned the same thing except in the context of Paschendale/Ypres.
  4. I don't suppose anyone from DISTAFF was able to get a photo of the para-drop from the ground?
  5. Sendall


    Edit: I will not be available.
  6. God, I remember the start of Brigadine. Specifically, I remember 1/2 doing a Benny Hill with a BTR before Braddock tried to use a stinger to destroy it. Needless to say, we were all swiftly killed. Brings back a lot of good memories hearing Wilson and Ellis on the radios.
  7. 1. Attack on KUSHBAB 2. 1/2 conducted an assault up the S-N road towards KUSHAB. 1/2 quickly seized PURPLE 1-3 but then took significant casualties after a deadly accurate RPG shot. After this point I was killed and 1/2 was left in the command of my 2ic. After god worked his miracle and resurrected me back at the airport I was reinserted into HLS DINGO to the EAST of KUSHAB. With a scratch section I began to make my way towards 1/1's position to on the outskirts of KUSHAB. Upon moving we began to take sporadic sniper fire from the east of KUSHAB. By preforming some basic fire and manoeuvre and with the aid of smoke we made our way intact to 1/1's position. Once there I scrapped a scratch sections from the survivors of 1/1 and we began to push into KUSHAB. We encountered heavy resistance from an enemy force that had dug in and booby trapped every doorway. Despite some casualties we secured sector YELLOW until mortar fire killed me yet again (twice in a day). Once reinserted again 1/2 established blocking positions in the NW of KUSHAB. 3. OP CHROMITE X 4. KUSHAB and surrounding area. 5. N/A 6. I have a couple of points to note. Firstly, 1/1 was much to far out and isolated from 1/2 and 1/3 to the extent that it could not provide mutual support. The HLS was equally poorly positioned as casualties were unable to be extracted in its direction without a significant detour. The reverse is true for reinserts. Equally, the ability for the enemy to drive vehicles into the town is indicative of the lack of top cover from UGLY and appropriate support from the surrounding platoons in the way of VCP's. Enemy forces seemed to be much better equipped than previously thought, many RPG's and IED's were used throughout the town against BLUFOR.
  8. Sendall


    I wouldn't worry. Knowing our armed forces I wouldn't expect the 16AA to equipped with the A3 until 2022.
  9. 1. Raid on YELLOW in BATSAM 2. What: 1/2 conducted a deliberate attack on YELLOW in the town of BATSAM. During the attack, a significant number of insurgents were killed with 3 friendly casualties. 3. When: 0330 - 0530 the day of OP CHROMITE VIII 4. Where: BATSAM 5. Media: N/A 6. Additional: N/A 1. Raid on YORK in BATSAM 2. What: 1/2 conducted a deliberate attack on YORK in the town of BATSAM as insurgents began killing hostages. During the attack, the section took a large number of casualties due to the use of explosive weaponry by the insurgents. After the battle, a weapons cache was discovered containing mostly small arms and some RPG's. 3. When: 0530 - 0630 the day of OP CHROMITE VIII 4. Where: BATSAM 5. Media: N/A 6. Additional: N/A
  10. 1. Takiban supply trucks 2. What: The Takiban are running supply trucks up the westernmost road to avoid checkpoints. These contain weapons and heroin. In addition a number of TNP are paid off to not search the trucks when they are stopped. These trucks move between Zagarbad and the other major cities. 3. When: The trucks have been active for the last 6 months but the last 2 months have been much busier. They do not appear to travel at any set time. 4. Where: Westernmost road. See map. 5. Media: https://i.imgur.com/1QcSqQ8.jpg 6. Additional: A man named Jura is in charge of security for the trucks he lives in the village of Gospandi along the trucks route. See relevant paragraph. This information comes from a TNP soldier (Kakar) operating out of PB Jullivar. 1. Takiban security chief: Jura. 2. What: Jura i s the local Takiban security cheif for the trucks which move along the western most road. 3. When: N/A 4. Where: Lives in Gospandi. 5. Media: Nothing available at this time. 6. Additional: This information comes from a TNP soldier (Kakar) operating out of PB Jullivar. 1. Uzbeck population 2. What: Uzbeks are numerous in the local area. According to our TNP friends they are all here to fight with the Takiban and are in many respects the local leaders. They mostly keep to themselves except when they recruit local young boys and pay local elders in order to operate in the elder. It is the opinion of the TNP that more than just money factors into these exchanges. 3. When: N/A 4. Where: N/A 5. Media: N/A 6. Additional: This information comes from a TNP soldier (Kakar) operating out of PB Jullivar. 1. Capt Gakhar 2. What: TNP leader at PB Jullivar. Was engaged up at Rasman airbase when we arrived. Whole PB was suspicious. They appeared to have access to way better kit than what you would expect. An APC for instance. The man we spoke to at PB Jullivar talked of TNP officers taking bribes and something about this made me suspect Capt Jullivar. 3. When: N/A 4. Where: PB Jullivar. 5. Media: N/A 6. Additional: Some speculation here but the equipment at the PB made it seem somewhat suspicious.
  11. Hmmmm. I think Wilson's account been hacked by Juul. What even is this?
  12. 1/2 Attendance 7/0/1/0 Yes - 6 Cpl Sendall Pte Nielsen Pte Krauser Pte Archie Pte Tasner Pte Lee Maybe - 0 No/LOA - 1 Pte Saunders Yet to vote - 0
  13. Sendall

    ADMIN Patrol Reports

    1/2 PATROL REPORT 05/11/2017 OP PHILLIMON VI Composition: 2x Jackels and 8xpacs .50 cal Jackel (JK 15 AA) .50 cal Jackel (JK 16 AA) We began the night by moving to PL YELLOW. There was a significant delay on PL YELLOW whilst reinserts were brought in. After this we took the lead of the formations assault onto the far side of the valley. After some initial success we came into a heavy contact with enemy forces located along a small ridge to our front, dug in around a rock feature grid . Unable to proceed we requested IDF onto the rock. Despite being told IDF was inbound, this never materialised. After some time waiting for IDF and learning that it was not inbound we cautiously made our way up to the rock feature. On position were 4 enemy pacs and a soviet-era reciolless rifle. Soon after, my delta vehicle took a direct RPG hit from a unseen position. Due to this I withdrew my charlie vehicle to safety. Back in over watch of the aforementioned rock feature we took a number of contacts from it again. With the help of 1/3 we continued to hold off enemy forces until ordered to withdraw to the A/1 CCP to regroup friendly elements. From here we were ordered into an over watch position to the East in order to support 1/1 and 1/3's push north west. Almost as soon as the attack had begun 1/1 and 1/3 had taken significant casualties and we were ordered to mount a foot assault onto the rock feature that had given us so much grief that evening. This attack proved somewhat successful with us driving enemy combatants from the rock feature. This allowed us to continue to move to the north west which we did on foot. After moving approximately 100m we took fire from three directions killing 1/0A and giving us 1xP1, 1xP2 and 1xP4. In this contact we killed two enemy combatants and were barley able to maintain the security of our casualties whilst reinforcements were brought in. The platoon now moved up to this position and we set up an ARD to deal with the casualties. After some time another advance was ordered. 1/1 and myself were to push along the west of the ridge. Almost as soon as this movement had begun 1/3 took a heavy contact to our west and we were ordered to provide support. Enemy forces were located on the far side of yet another small valley feature. 1/0A ordered us to move across the valley and assault enemy forces. Here we took 2 more casualties but only 4 strong were able to assault and destroy the enemy forces harassing 1/3. Here we took a prisoner who was evacuated to FOB HERMES. From here we set up in the platoon ARD grid 0765 2619 with minimal medical and ammunition supplies. Supplies: Amber on ammo.
  14. Sendall

    ADMIN Patrol Reports

    1) Patrol composition and Location 8xpacs 2) Leaguer Status ARD set up around cave system, 1/2 setup on the WEST side. 3) Patrol Report; Upon passing the LOD 1/2 moved uncontested to PL GREEN. Upon passing PL GREEN we took fire from our front from 2x enemy infantry approximately 100m away. Situated behind a rock feature. Initially, not being able to locate the enemy, we withdraw 50m to a defilade and began to locate the enemy. This we did after which the enemy was quickly destroyed. A fair amount of ammunition was expended during this movement and 1xT3 casualty taken. We then continued up through PL YELLOW uncontested. Upon passing PL YELLOW we took a contact from 2x enemy infantry hiding behind a rock feature on PL RED. I returned fire with my Delta and took Charlie on a left flanking assault. We assaulted the position with grenades destroying both enemy. During the re-org we sustained 2 casualties from a stray RPG, 1xP1 and 1xP4. These were latter extracted by the reserve section. We set position up on the previously enemy position and held it whilst the casualties were dealt with and other sections caught up. During this time fire was briefly exchanged with enemy forces occupying the southern ridge feature who were engaging 1/4. The outcome of this contact is unbeknown. After some time on this position we were tasked with conducting a reconnaissance mission of the northern side of the cave entrance. We pushed forward beyond friendly lines approximately 50m when we were ambushed danger close with grenades. We returned grenades and withdrew suffering 2xP2 and 1xP3 casualty. Upon withdrawing we came under mortar attack causing a further P2 casulaty. We withdrew to our previous location now combat ineffective to await CASEVAC. Casualties were withdrawn leaving the section at a total strength of 4. The section was now tasked with holding the centre of the platoon line during the assault towards the cave system. This was done in good order and without contact. After a failed attempt to dislodge enemy in the cave. 1/2 were sent in. This scenario proved tricky resulting in the remainder of the section becoming P4 casualties. Once all reinserted 1/2 took position to the west of the cave in platoon ARD looking WEST.
  15. Sendall

    ADMIN Patrol Reports

    1/2 PATROL REPORT OP PHILLIMON III 25/10/17 1) Patrol composition and Location 1 Jackel - JK 15 AA 1 Coyotte - Destroyed 1540L left platoon Laager to set up OP covering W from grid 1764 2217 1545L OP set up 1555L collapsed OP. Nothing seen. 1558L moved back to platoon Laager 1600L arrived back at Laager 1610L Left Laager for PL GREEN behind 1/1 1620L set up in overwatch covering trading post. We were soon approached by a civilian a warning shot was fired however he seemed desperate and exasperated and he continued to approach. At this point he detonated himself. Killing all three crew members. After this point 1/2 operated with 1/0A whilst down to a single vehicle. 2) Leaguer Status ; Both vehicles leaguered at grid reference 145210. 3) Ammunition and/or supplies expended; 1 vehicle destroyed with all supplies on board. Through the rest of the night 13 rounds GPMG were expended and no more than 30 rounds .50.
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