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  1. Just read up on that as didn't know and he is a bastard.
  2. I enjoy playing this from time to time so looking forward to the British update if people want to play it
  3. I don't think we have much of a story. Though, you will see that members of the community earn 'medals' for each op that they have completed so you could say we have a story from traveling through all our operations. Additionally, as we are based on a real brigade. Their whole formation story is our story although we rarely will do historical ops based on that we have been known to portray early elements of the parachute regiment at D-Day etc. For your second point, issues with the new forum are posted HERE. As for the 3rd part, you can find all our standing orders HERE although after skimming through some of the platoons SOPs it looks like they may need fixing as there is not much there. Hope that helps.
  4. Been following Post Scriptum for a while. I am well up for playing with people when it comes out.
  5. Well done brother dearest. Would still beat you in a fight though.
  6. Yep gotta agree with Wilson and Baxter. PSB are ace.
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