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  1. A/LCpl Peto


    A NAVEX course will be run. This is also a requirement for promotion.
  2. until
    This course teaches you how to be an instructor within the 16AA giving you the ability to pass on knowledge and skills to other members. Requirements: Passed P1 Can attend a future P1 for the assessment
  3. There’s a difrence between those poxy foxhounds and Moris mixing up his keys and pressing G thinking it’s arms 2 😎
  4. Morris, stop being modest and tell every one about the Grenades
  5. Oh, I always felt like I was talking to a wall most times
  6. A/LCpl Peto


    There is some small fixes and welding techniques ussed most notably the upper receiver and stamped A3. Other than that it’s basically what dennett said.
  7. I was LOA not guilty sunshine
  8. A/LCpl Peto

    6 Days

    It's due on Netflix November 3rd I believe
  9. A/LCpl Peto


    No not me for himself
  10. A/LCpl Peto


    Ur REME even though engineering is made easy for you, you can fix it Reynolds
  11. Once striping and assembling mini game is done we need to add a system to do the brass sweep after FTX
  12. A/LCpl Peto

    After Action Reports

    To: A Coy J2 From: 4/1 MSP OP Number: Op Artemis 1 1. Contact with Opfor 2. What BN: small arms and RPG attack onto Coy dominance patrol, 1x P2 casualty taken in MSP; 3. When: early morn 15 mikes after leaving to FOB 4. Where: just 300/400m east of the FOB, contact was 800m~ south/south east in a village across the river. 5. Media: http://imgur.com/NBGK2E8 http://imgur.com/SVoaRNa http://imgur.com/N8RKtDv 6. Additional: MSP was rushed by Unknown civ pop all fighting age males during the contact when it started as a result 1 ran towards MSP and a challenge was given by MSP under JSP398 and was subsequently killed due to there actions and our inherent right to Self defense, compound devastated after contact as seen in Ariel photos 1. sighting of Spotters 2. What BN: multiple spotters in the village to the east and across the river from where Coy patrol came under fire from and in village east of FOB, spotters also on motor bike; 3. When: early morn 15 mikes after leaving to FOB 4. Where: just 300/400m east of the FOB, south was 800m~ south/south east in a village across the river and 200/300m~ to the village . 5. Media: http://imgur.com/uuRnjVd http://imgur.com/p3zNiNI http://imgur.com/BVN8qs8 6. Additional: building seen in Ariel was continuously used by spotter and believed to be home of spotter and potential Opfor 1. sighting of a build up of vehicles and fighting age males 2. What BN: multiple fighting age males and vehicles have entered the village tot he east of the fob and are building up using the spotter building as potential HQ?; 3. When: early morn shortly after withdrawing to the to the FOB 4. Where: 300/500m~ east of the fob . 5. Media: N/A. 6. Additional: build up is see able from FOB
  13. For all those in the UK and even abroad I hope this helps you in your daily lives and keeps you informed https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4jxOXbpTmnk
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