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  1. That thing on Kavala Stadium is a SS-21 Scarab, a short range tactical ballistic missile. We spotted that one few ops back inside the stadium. Last night it was not there anymore.
  2. I will start hiding my bicycles in case the Russians come. We don’t want them to steal them like the Germans did.
  3. No. Ace combat is arcade and modern aircraft while IL2 is more a simulator with WW2 stuff.
  4. That’s a shame. We did say hi, but think the noise was a bit too much
  5. Haha, glad you recorded that. Did anyone manage to record my ejection?
  6. I'm glad to see that Kirwan and my legacy has been passed on to the younger generation
  7. Awesome video mate. Looked very intense on the ground. Nice that you managed to record some runs from Eagle and Viper on those nasty barracks
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