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  1. Humble Bundle have an Arma bundle available! £15 will get you everything including Apex - Ideal for anyone who still doesnt have any of the DLC etc Quick quick! https://www.humblebundle.com/games/arma-2018-bundle
  2. Mokler

    What music are you listening to right now?

    And can't forget Dahl's masterpiece.
  3. Mokler

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Thank you! Good to be back. If that bought a tear to your eye, the song on this one is great
  4. Mokler

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Do love a touch of a National Anthem.
  5. Mokler

    16AA Deployment Videos

    You could always change the layout, in arma settings, to put the chat box to the very bottom left of the screen, then add an 11% top and bottom black border when editting the footage. It's what I did anyway.
  6. Mokler

    Op Aegis XII

    I'm still retired, but still retained the Pte haha!
  7. Mokler

    Op Aegis XII

    That was an absolute joy to watch. Looked manic, and I'm really happy that it was! Favourite line: (Part 2 - 4m 33s) LCpl Hughes. "This is 1-1 Charlie, as you can hear, that is an incorrect assessment of the situation, over."
  8. Mokler

    Keeping Up with The Forces News

    I assume it's a copy paste, Coxson. It's not purposefully done.
  9. Mokler

    Last Video

    I'd also like the photo that had me in it, at the end of Aegis? Whoever took that one please
  10. Mokler

    Last Video

    Many thanks everyone
  11. Mokler


    Couple of Highlights from tonight. Movements from both Platoons looking good. The only way the Russians could see tonight. Map Lights. L-Shaped Ambush.
  12. Mokler

    AEGIS - Mashup Trailer

    Well, to an extent, there were 3 Russian PAKs (Than had been earlier marked on Map by BluFor) patrolling that high-reed defilade. A section and them bumped into each-other and then what happened, happened. Cheers
  13. Mokler

    Op Aegis IX

    This video actually made me incredibly jealous that I'm not running around with you guys taking out the Russians . Amazing video, one of the best yet.
  14. Mokler

    AEGIS - Mashup Trailer

    Because it's another Mash-up, I won't bother posting a new thread. Here's AEGIS IX: It's a tad differently made than usual, but still..