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  1. Kalinsky

    SWE / ENG

    90-100 minutes of pretending you’re interested in football.
  2. Kalinsky

    Anyone still play Squad?

    I play from time to time when I find the time.
  3. Kalinsky

    Operation Reckless

    Good to see some jumps sgain
  4. Kalinsky


    Congratulations, dedication.
  5. Kalinsky

    Promotions and Assignments A/1

    Good job!
  6. Kalinsky

    Promotions and Assignments A/2

    Good luck mate, see you around!
  7. Kalinsky

    Promotion and Assignment. A/1

    Well done mate!
  8. Kalinsky

    Equipment requests

    Sounds good.
  9. Kalinsky

    Equipment requests

    What is this discussed solution, how does the sections consolidate the dropped equipment?
  10. Kalinsky

    Equipment requests

    Yesterday the crates were not ACE compatible, and we don't have room for more then a resupply - bringing reserve ammunition and equipment other than standard loadout + PIAT/MMGs will not be possible . Will we run back and forth between or are we using some kind of resupp ruck? Ace carry the boxes?
  11. Kalinsky

    Operation Overlord HR

    Cracking pictures mate.
  12. Kalinsky

    A Company Personnel Assignments

    Cheers, gj stepping up.
  13. Kalinsky