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  1. Haha, yeah I saw this a while back. Although I’d have liked it to have been set near a little Belgian village in 1815.... Really good looking game though.
  2. Griffin

    Op Falcon II

    Elite Storm Troopers of the Empire....
  3. Griffin


    Yeah, that escalated at light speed. I might have some footage of it kicking about. Was tense indeed.
  4. Haven't in a while but for joining you lads if you're having a go.
  5. Griffin

    Vampire IV

    What is it exactly that flight are loading up with?
  6. Cool. Trying to do Propor’s 3rd quest. The one where you have to pick up some documents in Customs and exfil, then go into Factory and place the docs and make it out of there too. I can usually do the Customs bit but Factory is such a meat grinder I never make it out.
  7. Hi all, Is anyone playing EFT? I’m having an absolute nightmare trying to do one of the quests and could really do with a buddy or two to watch my back.
  8. 1/3 Attendance Yes - 6 Cpl Griffin LCpl Tebbs Pte Fairlie Pte George Pte Noergaard Pte Graham No - 1 Pte Oliver Maybe - 1 Pte Civjanovic Not Voted - 2 Pte McPherson Rec Place Rec Don
  9. Surf's looking fuckin lethal tomorrow arvo. Can't sleep. Warrior mode on.....
  10. Haha. Make yourself comfortable on the couch, tell me what these green balls initially represent to you.....
  11. To: A COY J2 From: 1/3 Section Op Number: Chromite 10 1. "Approach to Assault" 2. What: 3 Section moved off ENE from the platoon harbour on high point 2520. OOM: 1/2, TACHQ, 1/3. Reached RV at wooded area named on map as Hazur Darakat. 3. When: Approx 0730L - 0815L 4. Where: Plt Harbour Grid: 0132 1093. RV Grid: 02341137. 5. Media: None. 6. Additional: None. 1. "Approach to blocking position" 2. What: Moving off from the RV, 1/3 took the lead WNW toward high point 2547 to establish a blocking position. At 50m below the summit of the high point a 2 man recce element was sent forward to establish whether the high point was tenable. Once the all clear was given 1/3 signalled for the blocking position to be established. 3. When: Approx 0845L. 4. Where: Blocking position Grid: 01271197. 5. Media: None. 6. Additional: Whilst the position was free of live EF, 1/3 discovered 5 dead bodies that were presumably EF. All carried small arms of some description and were dressed in combat attire consistent of insurgents recently identified. 1 X DShKM was also observed to have been set up on this position. 1. "Assault on Khushab" 2. What: Initially 1/3 were reserve section whilst 1/1 and 1/2 made the assault into Khushab with 4/1 providing fire support. Once the assault commenced it became clear the village was held by a force in greater numbers than anticipated. As 1/2 ran into difficulties 1/3 were tasked to push on to Sector White; buildings 3 and 4. Clearing W4 1/3 sustained 1 X T4 Casualty for 1 X EF KIA. 1/3 then held position in W3 and W4 to provide fire support for 1/2, however the weight of effective incoming fire reduce the amount of suppressive fire 1/3 were able to deliver. In these exchanges 1/3 sustained a further 1 X T4, 2 X T2 and 1 X T3 casualties for an unknown number of EF casualties. 3. When: Approx 0920L - 1100L 4. Where: Village of Khushab, Takistan. 5. Media: None. 6. Additional: As BLUFOR reinforcements began to enter the village, 1/3 rallied and cleared their designated sector along with the rest of the platoon.
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