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  1. Op Watchtower Final Training

    Great pics buddy!
  2. OP Philemon XIII

    Didn't know you were streaming JD, I'd have had a proper shave otherwise.
  3. Operation Philemon XIII 292000ZNOV17

    2/2 Attendance Yes - 6 LCpl Griffin Pte Lath Pte Arksey Rec Jensen L Rec MacDougall Rec Downward Maybe - 0 No/LOA - 1 Cpl Verreck Yet to Vote - 0
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  5. ADMIN Patrol Reports

    ​After Action Report From: Pte Griffin, 1 SEC 2 PLT A Coy 2 PARA BN Subject: Operation Philemon VI 052000ZNOV17 ++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++++ ​Upon breaking down our leaguer and performing the proper vehicle and equipment checks, 1 Sec moved off to our first designated holding position at Grid:09022699, using the terrain to conceal our approach as much as possible. After the initial bombardment of enemy locations, 1 Sec advanced further toward the valley to provide cover for the assault from 1 Plt. We located an adequate position at Grid: 085267 that provided cover, a view of the northern end of the valley, a view of the opposite ridge and also enabled us to watch our rear. Approximately 10 minutes passed before we became aware that 1 Plt were in contact. From our location we were not able to provide meaningful support so we advanced further toward the eastern ridge line in order to get eyes on any potential enemy threats. We held on and near high point 631 in a baseline facing west, giving both fireteams an unrestricted view of the opposing ridge line. As 1 Plt pursued their advance along the ridge line I received a sighting report from my Delta vehicle of enemy on the western ridge line. Upon review, the enemy would have been located on or around the pre-sighted UJ1004 mark. Concerned that I did not have a clear picture of the location of friendly elements I held fire until receiving clearance from 20A. However, my delay caused us to lose sight of the enemy. Not much later, my Delta fireteam began receiving accurate sniper fire from an unseen position on or around the UJ1002 mark sustaining 2 X T2 casualties. 1 Sec pulled the vehicles back off the ridge line enough to be in a covered position but also allowing the HMG's to stay on the target. A combination of fires from friendly elements and 1 Sec's dismounted marksman either killed or deterred the enemy shooter. I sent the casualties back to HLS Baileys for extraction. Confident the enemy sniper was no longer a threat I pushed our Charlie vehicle back to a more dominant position where we soon witnessed a seemingly close quarter battle between members of 1 Plt and at least a fireteam strength enemy element at approximate Grid: 08032634. With a combination of HMG and marksman fire 1 Sec managed to kill 1 enemy with a possible 2-3 more that we were unable to confirm. 1 Sec's Delta vehicle returned with re-inserts and we were then tasked to move to 2/1 Op mark at Grid: 07992683. Not more than 10 seconds after reaching the position we took danger close contact from around a large rock formation. Using smoke and manoeuvring the vehicles we brought our weapons to bear and destroyed the enemy. No casualties were taken in the ambush. Initially believing the ambush had originated from the entrance to a cave complex, a clear and search revealed we had stumbled upon an enemy cache that was then marked for a controlled detonation. 1 Sec returned to position in order to support 1 Plt's assault but were unable to be effective due to only fleeting glimpses of enemy or enemy being beyond our lines of sight. As the operation was drawing to a close, 1 Sec moved to the 2 Plt leaguer where a vehicle was overturned due to terrain.
  6. Op Philemon IV

    Part of 1-4's assault on the cave complex.
  7. Pe'ahi Big Wave Challenge Live

    Not sure if this will be of interest to anyone but I love this stuff. First event of the WSL Big Wave Tour. Cornish lad Tom Lowe is in Heat 2 too so I'll be buzzing if he does well. Obviously live at time of this post.
  8. Op Philemon II

    RPG's parting mine and Noergaard's hair.
  9. Op Callisto Prelude

  10. What Football Club Do You Support?

    And that probably will be the most significant moment in that bellend's life. Still regaling other losers on a bleak Tuesday morning in Wetherspoons with it 30 years from now. Everybody still %100 convinced he's a twat.
  11. Op Overlord II

    Not from D-Day itself but one of our training drops in Derbyshire.
  12. Op Overlord II

    I got to fire an 88!
  13. Op Overlord II

    This alleyway was brutal.
  14. Op Overlord II

  15. Op Overlord I

    Haha. Yeah, not the best.