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  1. This is a training exercise for 1/3 section members.
  2. Hello, If you recently submitted an application then keep checking your private messages (PMs). A member of RRO will get back to you via PMs after you have submitted your application. PMs can be found in the top right of the forum screen. If you have received a PM it will be highlighted with a Red number 1. If you haven't received a PM 3 days after you have submitted an application then directly PM a member of RRO or try and catch one of us on our Teamspeak/Discord! NOTE this is the PM symbol when you haven't got any new messages. When you do receive a message it will be highlighted with a red number.
  3. That raw power lol. I keep forgetting to screenshot atm so I'll try better next op!
  4. Wow, these pics are great. That first pic is mint
  5. Hello, Some low quality screenies from Operation Lynx II 1/3 tabs into position A chance for a bit of respite Pte Dahl and Pte Scott discuss who has the bigger cannon 3 Sec all loaded up MD takes cover on a pile of shit? How not to joyride on an Apache
  6. @Nielsen Time to rejoin. In the mean time, feel free to hop along with 1/3 as a guest anytime you want Also Verreck why are you bringing your granddad on the Op?
  7. Also, lets get more of you screenshotting! Anyone can do it, if you aren't in a middle of a panic-like contact then do think about taking a quick snap. If your section is covering arcs, and your gunner is an ally looking fucker in a funky firing position, then get that man on camera so we can all appreciate their good looks. Better if you can set a hotkey to turn off ST-HUD and stuff, which I think is possible or something. I screenshot ingame, then go to the screenshot folder for A3 via C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\819716\760\remote\107410\screenshots, upload all my images to IMGUR, cpy the image address and then use the insert image from URL just above the submit reply button.
  8. just some pics before I got to carried away with spamming LMB at Ruskies Left; LCpl Verreck steels himself for a risky op, little did he know that it would take his life . . . twice . . . Right; Pte Strnd loved having a big, firm rod of a gpmg barrel between his legs. A tool, well endowed for swatting away the Russians.
  9. Cullen. You can tell that Minigun fire actually forced the jet to pull off. You basically saved that airframe of reinserts (Me included). Something that is actually worthy of a citation!
  10. Pte Coxson

    Op Callisto 1

    36:13 ... The Ghillie cunt quite clearly slotted me while I was unconcious , Shoulda minced him straight off
  11. Ahh, so you're the one responsible for giving Kirwan an actual Armoury The Crate diving culture will never die out! Congratulations
  12. Pte Coxson

    HR 09/08/2017

    "I have no ammunition, empty cases or pyrotechnics in my possession Sir, and will report anyone who has" Taking Milsim to a whole new literal level
  13. Absolutely cracking clips mate. Plus brilliant skills and drills, better than most Ptes I've seen.
  14. Eyyy, were last night's drunk snapchat stories celebration for this?
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