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  1. Op Philemon IX

    Arma trenches looking beautiful as always..
  2. Op Philemon VII

    MSP in their CBRN outfits
  3. OP Philemon III

  4. UPDATE A3: Modpack

    I don't think we need either for this campaign. I definitely want to update terrains at some point though.
  5. UPDATE A3: Modpack

    @CUP_Vehicles is currently uploading and will be on the server tonight. All 3 mods can be acquired from Armaholic if you can't wait until then. Apologies for the recent bombardment of updates. We have been rather unfortunate with some of our addon choices. I can assure you that this will be the last large update for a very long time. Thanks for your understanding and perseverance.
  6. Bayonets!

    This is a day I thought i'd never see If I get a bit of time, i'll see if I can make some proper bayonet targets.
  7. What Football Club Do You Support?

    Up the Gas!
  8. New dlc

    We could probably use that van on HR. Almost all military convoys I see driving around the UK - there'll be a Mercedes Sprinter or a Ford Transit tagging along on the end
  9. HR 09/08/2017

    Think that's milsim? Wait until the next HR - you'll be stripping your weapons down and cleaning them
  10. Operation Artemis VII

    Bad time to get your Landrover stuck in the mud! Possible IED factory blown up as well?
  11. Operation Artemis VI

    Good night for MSP.
  12. What music are you listening to right now?

    "have a non-alcoholic drink, have a drive, go out and see what you can find"
  13. OP Artemis I

    Great first Op of the campaign. Nice to see the new Virtus gear fresh off the shelf! The briefing was a really nice touch (even if the accents were terrible ).
  14. Bombing In Manchester, UK 23/05/17

    UK threat level raised to 'Critical' i.e. further attacks are highly likely. Military personel will be deployed to protect key sites.