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  1. Blanthorn's been in the recording studio again 😂
  2. Ive been playing it a bit today. Performance isn't great (graphics aren't fantastic and the whole game is 6GB, so not sure why). 20 second reloads on all the guns so really rewards sticking together and using tactics from the time - volley fire, bayonet charges etc. If you're in a good squad with a decent leader (usually the case) then it's really immersive and fun. You don't really see much lone wolfing in this game because as an individual in a 150 player battle with muskets.. you're pretty insignificant and you can't really achieve much on your own.. So I'd recommend buying it. A Napoleonic war mod for this would be incredible.
  3. American Civil war milsim game 😂 150 player matches
  4. First Op of 2019 for me. Nice to see some old and new faces and the unique brand of milsim that sets 16AA apart from the rest!
  5. A couple pictures from FSG. My first Op since the 'reshuffle' and it was a good one!
  6. Evans D - The great mosque destroyer!
  7. I quite like this one. Flynn's 10,000,000% resolution. The first picture's showing all the old kit. It's all about the Virtus now!
  8. Flying 60mph in a C130?
  9. ^ Werewolf is still one of my favourite campaigns here. I don't know if it's because it was my first full campaign but it definitely stands out. Interestingly Cobalt (relatively recent campaign) is right up there as well. That was the first campaign with the forklift
  10. The content is kinda there with the snatch, DPM and my Irish Insurgents mod. You could probably find areas of a map that roughly resembles South Armagh as well. (Actual NI map doesn't work). Be warned - very divisive topic. Some people loved the idea. Others were repulsed at the thought of us doing these missions.
  11. Milsim equivalent of Toys R Us.
  12. Pte Morris

    Op Philemon IX

    Arma trenches looking beautiful as always..
  13. MSP in their CBRN outfits
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