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  1. First Op of 2019 for me. Nice to see some old and new faces and the unique brand of milsim that sets 16AA apart from the rest!
  2. Don't want to escalate this thread but how about we reserve the 'gallery' for images and videos and not allow comments (or maybe just the simple little ones)? It's always the same old story. A couple of people put up screenshots/videos to start the thread off, one or two people say how nice they look and then it turns into a massive discussion with a few cheesy memes thrown in now and again. Maybe we should have another area where we can discuss the actual mission?
  3. [video=youtube;BhgWSBKzgB0] After attacking the Ridgeback with various weaponry, we found that it provided good protection for all the infantry inside. The main issue we had with the vehicle was it's vulnerability to getting immobilised. The vehicles relatively slow speed allowed us to get accurate fire down on the wheels which often resulted in a mobility kill. Although the Ridgeback gave good protection against small arms fire, it suffered against machineguns especially when the fire was directed at the vehicles wheels. The vehicle faired fairly well against the 60mm HE rounds although their were a few occasions when shells destroyed the fuel system. The vehicle managed to sustain 4 hits with a RPG firing HE rounds however the Anti-tank RPG always destroyed the Ridgeback with a direct hit to any side. The Ridgeback did surprisingly well against the Anti-tank mines and satchel charges by protecting the crew inside from any injuries. When the vehicle did get destroyed it often gave the occupants a few seconds to get out before going up in flames. Overall a great vehicle with many benefits and a couple of drawbacks. Can't wait to see this in missions.
  4. 2/1 have been doing some extensive testing on this and the video will be uploaded soon.
  5. Nice video Cage, I love 1:30 when there's rounds pining off the side of the Ridgeback. Very atmospheric mission and the vehicle was awesome.
  6. 16AA testing their new "cutting edge" technology.
  7. Great sounds and the video quality looks superb!
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