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  1. If you are looking for nostalgia, this has a place here; First campaign OP for 1/3.
  2. Another one that's pretty old.
  3. Yeah. Those are being published on our youtube video over the next few weeks. Perspectives from both Blufor and Opfor players from multiple missions are inbound. Along side many other videos from various other operations, going back from late last year (+ our last vietnam op) to late 2014. Stay tuned: https://www.youtube.com/user/16AAMilsim
  4. Oh, last week the missions were 'broken'. It turns out it was a server configuration mistake, which now has been adjusted. So if you guys who were trying to play it would like to give it another shot it is now possible again. Let me know though, since I need some additional footage.
  5. Amazed this thread was not already made. [video=youtube;mWEy-RD3TEg] I screwed up while making this video and forgot the intro. And it crapped out on me when I tried to put it in later, so without this time!
  6. Cage

    Maladoost VI

    Where do you see seven?
  7. Cage

    Maladoost VI

    took me some time to upload, but here it is: [video=youtube;dBfDHs5iBUw]
  8. Cage

    He is watching you..

    Might give him notes etc..
  9. [video=youtube;wUcopvHMD7o]
  10. Cage

    One Year 16AA

    Next week will mark my first year with the 16AA. A lot has happened during this period and both the 16AA and my YouTube Channel has grown significantly. Because of this I made a video with some of the moments played this year and to thank everyone for the awesome moments I've had. Enjoy! [video=youtube;tvLNsu_SNIo]
  11. Cage

    Maladoost IV

  12. Oh fuck.. you kidding me, lol. I never noticed that setting. I tried to use record external input but that never worked. I will try it out soon! Thanks.
  13. Besides trying out the map, technical stuff and the ridgebacks, I also fiddled around with graphical settings as well as with fraps. You guys notice any difference with my previous videos? Operation Maladoost I: [video=youtube;keyuLAUCF-4] Operation Maladoost II: To be uploaded Operation Maladoost III: To be uploaded. Thank you all got helping out!
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