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  1. 1 Platoon is shored up on the NE of SAVOROLA ARCHIPELAGO near the KURIL ISLANDS. An unknown entity have deployed a large number of forces to the South and have cut 1 Platoon off from the rest of the allied forces. Orders to follow.
  2. As the AO is now moving further away from the Medical Fascilities at Camp Fulmar, a Pedro callsign will be on standby for CASEVAC and reinsert duties.
  3. JHC Pilots needed! Flight currently has 2 Openings for Pilots. Requirements is that you can Fly both Fixed Wing and Helicopters in ARMA 3. You should be at a decent competency level for Flying and should know your way around the Weapon systems of the Aircraft being used by Flight. Operational Procedures will be trained and exercised once you have passed your Basic Flying Tests and allowed into JHC. Please send your Application to me after you cleared this with your IC. Goosen
  4. JHC Attendance Yes - 5 Flt Lt Bradley Plt Off Clayton Plt Off Dennett Plt Off Hendrickx Fg Off Goosen No - 0 None Maybe - 1 Flt Lt Bradley Not voted - 1 Plt Off Beach
  5. JHC Attendance Yes - 3 A/Flt Lt Meadows Plt Off Arksey Plt Off Willis Pte Chelton Maybe - 0 Unconfirmed - 2 Plt Off Alexander Plt Off Clayton LOA - 2 Plt Off Bradley Plt Off Goosen
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