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  2. all i can say is what a dickhead
  3. Pte Kirwan

    ADMIN Patrol Reports

    I thought it was a lager . https://www.military-history.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/BATTLING-BOOZE-IN-BLIGHTY.jpg
  4. a nokia 3310 it makes phone calls and YOU CAN SEND A TEXT
  5. Well Done Pte Peto a justly deserved citation and am proud of you .
  6. mac its your round in the Sargent's mess mate
  7. i just hope you dont want the mess silver as well now i think smith ran of with it . well done mate
  8. as an addon for jacksons requset can we have a crate with some radios in themmin case we get some that decide they dont want to work i will keep an eye on them and ensure that they do not get out to others and only get used by signalers ,.also dont forget to make the crates able to be moved so i can actually move them to the rv
  9. ok well i can join you just let me know which server
  10. the lesson from this is they dont take prisoners so never give up .
  11. gent's im glad to see that all our guys are ok and as are there family's. BUT please take a moment and think about those that died and if your religious please offer up your prayers for them .
  12. nice one mate thats a epic video
  13. that is intense man wish i was with you all will be next friday
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