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  1. Dinner with the family to celebrate?
  2. Good effort, Peto. Well done!
  3. Braddock


    Good effort, that man!
  4. Good effort, Smudge. Don't be a stranger x
  5. I distinctly remember mine and the host of post-it notes around my monitor...
  6. Braddock

    OP Artemis I

    I accidentally popped out a very accurate American accent. So accurate that I didn't want to ruin it by saying anything else! The new equipment is lovely. I particularly like the velcro tabs.
  7. My proclip broke despite being proactively taped as soon as I got it. The Delanclip is a must have.
  8. It's a 1981 film based on the book of the same name by Lothar-Günther Buchheim which is loosely based on the author's experience in U-Boots during WW2. It was filmed in both English and German (as well as in a variety of running times etc) so you don't have to watch with subtitles if you don't want - though it's much better in German. It's an absolute classic and beautifully made (it's also on Netflix at the moment I think - in a modern format you can really see the details - proper Kriegsmarine stamps under crockery and mad shit like that).
  9. This is a great thread, but it won't be if you turn it into an argument about the best ever war film. Keep it on topic, you fucks! Besides, any idiot knows the best war film is Das Boot.
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