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  1. I'd be down for that. I have no idea when I'd be free, though.
  2. Ok, time for my own defence: I fired at a technical that may or may not have had an RPG strapped to the back of it and when it exploded it may or may not have cooked off all the ammo. The resulting detonation may or may not have destroyed a mosque, 3 or 4 more technicals, an unknown number of insurgents, half of 1 platoon and a few elements of 2 platoon. I mean, if you're keeping score I still claim that to be the biggest shot-to-kill ratio that's ever been achieved in the history of this unit and I will feel damned proud because of it!
  3. Damn bloody right. We made a good team, you and I. All this makes me wish for more time off and a more stable internet connection.
  4. To be fair, Scarle, the D was for Desync. I rarely disconnected. Does that make it better?
  5. I'll throw my pick into the ring: From an atmospheric perspective, I think that was a great introduction to Cromwell. Us landing under fire and sprinting inside the compound during a mortar attack really set the tone for the campaign.
  6. Maybe not 16AA proper, but here's a ye olde documentary on the Pathfinders platoon when it was created: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Gbge4ZHU7k
  7. http://www.businessinsider.com/the-most-famous-bayonet-charge-of-modern-conflict-2012-10
  8. Captain Thomas Clarke, Warrant Officer 2 Faulkner, Corporal James Walkers, Lance Corporal Oliver Thomas and Flight Lieutenant Rakesh Chauhan Captain Thomas Clarke, Warrant Officer 2 Spencer Faulkner, Corporal James Walkers, Lance Corporal Oliver Thomas and Flight Lieutenant Rakesh Chauhan were killed when a Lynx helicopter crashed in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. The crash was not caused by enemy action and is being investigated. Captain Thomas Clarke, 30 years of age, from Cardiff, leaves behind his family. In a statement, his family said: "We cannot express enough our devastation at the loss of a truly wonderful husband, son, brother and friend. Tom brought so much happiness and love to everyone he knew with his sparkling blue eyes and cheeky smile. He had an absolute passion for life and was the best part of us; we are all poorer today without him. ?We carry your heart, we carry it in our heart?." His commanding officer said: "Captain Thomas Clarke was a fantastic young officer, full of life and immensely committed to his soldiers and friends. In the short time he had served in the unit he had proven to be an exceptional aviator and forthright leader who always placed himself at the centre of squadron life. His loss will be keenly felt both at RAF Odiham and within the wider Army Air Corps." Flight Lieutenant Rakesh Chauhan, 28 years of age, leaves behind his family. His commanding officer said: "Flight Lieutenant Rakesh Chauhan was a hugely influential and well respected officer whose enthusiasm and professionalism permeated every aspect of his work. Charming, funny and sharp as a tack, he was immensely proud of his role and of his service. An exceptional officer, he clearly had a bright future ahead of him. His loss has devastated the Station." Warrant Officer 2 Spencer Faulkner, 39 years of age, leaves behind his family. His family said in a statement: "Spen was a loving husband to Cally and devoted father to Natasha and Jack, and will be greatly missed. A huge gap has been left in our hearts forever. He has been tragically taken away whilst serving his Country, a job he loved. God rest his soul." His commanding officer said: "WO2 Spencer Faulkner has been a stalwart of the Squadron for many years, deploying to Afghanistan on numerous occasions, where he consistently displayed the guile, leadership and bravery so closely associated with his Squadron. The loss of a Warrant Officer of his calibre and commitment will leave a huge void in the close knit fabric of the Unit." Corporal James Walkers, 36 years of age, leaves behind his family. His family said is a statement: "We cannot begin to comprehend the tragic loss of a beautiful and loving husband, daddy, son, and brother. James has left a huge hole in all our hearts." His commanding officer said: "Corporal James Walters, or ?Bungle? as he was known, was a hugely committed soldier who had served with distinction throughout the Army Air Corps. Respected and well liked, he was always a mentor and friend to the less experienced members of the Unit. Never afraid to face the challenges of operations in Afghanistan, he served with immense skill and bravery. A huge character, the loss of Bungle has devastated the Squadron." Lance Corporal Oliver Thomas, 26 years of age, from Brecon, Powys, leaves behind his family. His family said in a statement: "Oliver was a truly amazing person, living his life to the full, while fulfilling some of his many dreams and adventures. He was very much loved and will be greatly missed by his grieving family and friends." His commanding officer said: "The news of the death of Lance Corporal Oliver Matthew Thomas is devastating to his friends and companions in 3 Military Intelligence Battalion. This tragic incident has taken a young, enthusiastic and highly capable Intelligence Corps soldier away from us and his loss is deeply felt by all members of the Unit and the Intelligence Corps as a whole." Their deaths bring the total number of British casualties to 453 in the Afghanistan Conflict.
  9. The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that 5 soldiers have died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. More information as it becomes available.
  10. If you haven't checked out the video that's in that release article then you're really missing out. At least it seems that they know they're taking the piss on this one.
  11. Civilian arrested during FROZEN LAKE VIII. NAME:_________Vladimir (last name unknown) (Still waiting on Zagorian Authorities to confirm identity) NATIONALITY:__UNKNOWN (Claims to be from East Zagoria, but has an accent foreign to the area) CHARGE:_______Suspicion of travel with intent to help insurgent groups PERSONAL BELONGINGS: CZ550 Hunting Rifle 4x 5 round magazines Binoculars GPS Map Compass Short Range Radio (see notes) Watch NOTES: When stopped, his car contained a 5 meter towing rope, 2 white smoke grenades and 2 green smoke grenades. When his radio was confiscated, suspicious radio messages were being transferred along that frequency.
  12. Stolen TUM Landrover, weapons cache, dead militia soldier and a civilian in British uniform:
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