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  1. Fuente

    PC Cleaning

    Clean it up nice (wear a facemask!) then tell your customer you replaced the MB, RAM and CPU. He deserves it.
  2. Good work and well done Sendall.
  3. Fuente

    Exile servers

    It just occurred to me that none of you are friends with me on Steam, so you could be happily playing away without my knowledge. My steam ID is: javelin10 My player name on non-16aa is usually "Spottswoode"
  4. That was a good watch; even on minimum quality. Music really sets the tone, innit! What was that - it sounded very Band of Brothers?
  5. Fuente

    Exile servers

    I'll be on tonight. Not a fan of 3rd person, even in Exile, but what the hell! Edit: 2GB of extra mods to download will have to go overnight. Premier fucking Inn....
  6. Sorry for the slight necro but missed this thread somehow. I have Facetrack/PS3cam/DelanClip on my travelling PC and TrackIR4+TrackClip Pro on my home PC. I much prefer the TIR to PS3cam where the Y rotation (nodding your head up and down) basically doesn't happen as the IR 'blobs' overlap too easily meaning the software cannot work out your head position anymore. Need a much stronger filter. Using TIR camera basically means using the TIR Software, which looks nicer but doesn't really work any better than FacetrackNoIr. I have dropped my headphones many a time, and each time my TrackClip falls apart, but it hasn't broken YET. Putting it back together inevitably means stretching the plastic lugs and the VERY thin little wires, so breakage is only a matter of time, but as I've had this kit since the Arma1 days, I can't really complain. My ideal setup would be the TrackIr with the DelanClip instead of the TrackClip. Not much of a cost saving anymore not that the TrackClip has come down in price a lot, but much sturdier.
  7. Fuente

    Exile servers

    Does it have 3rd Person enabled?
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