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  1. OPERATION ORDER TO: 1Pl, A COY, 2 PARA BN. FROM: SILBOT, LT, OC 1Pl, A COY, 2 PARA BN. SUBJECT: OPERATION Excalibur I 091900ZAUG20. ++++++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++++++ I. PRELIMS TIME: 0410L WEATHER: Mostly Cloudy to Partly Cloudy after sun up, no rain CURRENT POS: USS Harry S. Truman, Carrier Strike Group 8 TASK ORG; 0A: Lt Silbot 0B: Sgt Blanthorn 1/1 - IC: Cpl Ainsley, 2IC: A/Lcpl Smith 1/3 - IC: Cpl McPherson, 2IC: LCpl Verrick 4/1 - IC: Cpl Scarle, 2IC: LCpl Cullen II. SITUATION South Ossetian Nationalist Rebels, have seized the northern parts of Georgia and are preparing to initiate operations to push further south to seize the capitol, Tblisi. After appealing to NATO, the UK & US governments have agreed to a joint operation involving US naval aircraft and UK ground forces to point an end to the South Ossetian rebellion. Care needs to be used to avoid encroaching on Russian territory, which borders the country to the north. There are rumors that the Russians are supporting the rebellion materially, and we would not want this operation to escalate into an all-out war. i. GROUND In General: Georgia is a wet/temperate area, mountainous in the northern and South Eastern part of the province with dense forests located throughout the area. The coastline has several larger cities, including the provincial capitol, Tblisi. The central part of the province is where most of the agricultural production occurs, with many villages dotting the area surrounded by working fields. The road network is aging, but modern since it was built during the Soviet Union’s control of the province. In Detail: We will deploy to Airbase Prague which is currently on the edge of Georgian controlled territory. From there, we will run counter insurgency and support operations to assist the Georgians with recapturing lost territory. US Naval aircraft from Carrier Strike Group 8 will fly sorties against identified South Ossetian AA positions. ii. ENEMY FORCES Known & Suspected En. Positions: The South Ossetians have entrenched themselves in the northern mountains of the province and have been working their way down to the coast, capturing villages along the way. Strength: Assessed as potentially 2 Brigades strength across the province. An unknown number of militia and foreign volunteers also support the rebels. Morale: High due to recent successful operations. Weaponry: Mainly Soviet-era weapons stolen from the Georgian Army. More modern Russian-sourced weaponry may be present in the area as well. Caliber up to 12.7mm and RPG/STRELA Missiles. IDF: 82mm Mortars. Vehicles: Unknown quantity of stolen Georgian Army vehicles, including Shilkas, T-72s, BTRs, and BMDs. Lighter vehicles include UAZs and trucks as well as Civilian vehicles adapted with Soviet Era Weaponry. Aircraft: None known. Air Threat: High in the northern part of the province. Rebels have control of Shilkas and other various AA weaponry in entrenched positions. JHC to Risk assess. Mine/IED Threat: LOW - General AO, MEDIUM - Areas of interest. iii. ENEMY INTENT To take control of South Ossetia and declare independence from Georgia. iv. FRIENDLY FORCES A Coy & JHC based at Carrier Strike Group 8 v. ROE CARD BRAVO '424'. III. PROBABLE MISSION Take supplies offloaded in Tblisi Harbour and bring them to Airbase Prague. After completion of the convoy, secure the airbase from immediate AA threat situated at Surami Fortress (Objective Gladius) which is a known enemy stronghold. IV. OWN MAIN EFFORT This operation will be conducted in three (3) phases; i. Phase 1 All sections are to arm up onboard USS Harry S. Truman and await 1 Flight to prepare. 1 Flight will bring the company to Tblisi Harbour via the route below and offload at HLS Scimitar. After arrival, company will load supplies and form a convoy before proceeding to phase 2. ii. Phase 2 Company will travel in a convoy to Airbase Prague via the main MSR. There may be enemy contact along the route so we will need to remain vigilant. The route is outlined below. 1 Flight will provide air cover for the convoy. iii. Phase 3 Company will offload supplies at Airbase Prague, then proceed to assault Objective Gladius at commander’s discretion. Due to air threat surrounding Objective Gladius, 1 Flight will provide ISTAR to locate enemy AA positions in the northern part of the province. V. TIMINGS IC Briefing: 090400ZAUG20 1 Flight Departure from USS Harry S. Truman: 0425L Promptly VI. ORDERS GROUP Time: 0410L Location: Flight Deck of USS Harry S. Truman. VII. CSS Dress: CEFO, MTP & PPE. Equipment: As per SOP at 2IC discretion. Weapons: As per SOP at 2IC discretion. Ammo: As per SOP at 2IC discretion. Reserve will be available at PBs. Meds: CTM and CSMR. POWs / Detainees: Called into 0B, then to be passed over to local enforcement/authorities. VIII. COMMAND AND SIGNAL i. Command: Lt Silbot (10A), Sgt Blanthorn (10B), Cpl Scarle (41C). ii. Signals: 148/117 Channels; 1 Plt Net Channel 1, Coy net Channel 3, Flight net Channel 7. iii. Challenge/Response: PAPA INDIA / NOVEMBER TANGO ++++++++++++++++++ENDS++++++++++++++++++
  2. Lt Silbot


    Test night for the next campaign modpack, if you're able help out fully testing the modpack and servers!
  3. Campaign continues.
  4. A Coy will conduct a variety of small scale operations in the mission area to test unit performance. OPERATION CERASTES named after the most feared desert dweller will feature two different operations to preface the main campaign which will extend to the start of december.
  5. A Coy will deploy to the middle east and conduct 'in-mission training' as a part of achieving initial combat readiness. OPERATION CERASTES named after the most feared desert dweller will feature two different operations to preface the main campaign which will extend to the start of december.
  6. Congratulations Pte Townsend, good effort!
  7. From: Hicks, Maj, OC A Coy To: A Coy + attachments Subject: Promotions and Assignments Priority: Routine DTG: 121430AUG19 ++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++ I am pleased to announce that the following promotions and assignments are put in effect. LCpl Ainsley is hereby promoted to the rank of Cpl and appointed as IC 1/1. Pte James is hereby promoted to the rank of LCpl and appointed as 2IC 1/1, he will wear the Acting prefix until he passes the JNCO course. Pte Verreck is hereby promoted to the rank of LCpl and appointed as 2IC 1/3. As JNCOs in the 16AA they are expected to lead by example and enforce community standards both on and off the field. Please join me in congratulating them on their promotion. I entrust these individuals with the responsibility that is expected from a JNCO in our community and I encourage you to follow them with no hesitation. +++++++++++++++ENDS+++++++++++++++
  8. TO: A Coy FROM: Emmet, Maj, CO SUBJECT: Vacancy - 1/1 IC DTG: 062000ZAUG19 PRECEDENCE: ROUTINE CLASSIFICATION: OFFICIAL ++++++++++++++BEGINS+++++++++++++ SUMMARY Applications are sought for the role of Section Commander of 1 Section, 1 Platoon. All interested parties should submit an application in writing before the closing date on 122300ZAUG19. DETAIL Following the resignation Cpl Cvijanovic the position of IC 1/1 is now vacant and must be filled immediatly. As a section IC you are expected to carry yourself in high standards and lead by example. You are required to have good attendance, ability to train other members in the community and lead a section in field. If you lack the necessary courses to be a JNCO you are still able to apply for the position and can attend the required courses on acceptance. Deadline for applications is an hour before midnight on Monday 12 August 2019 and must be sent as a PM to Lt Silbot and Sgt Blanthorn. 1 Platoon command reserves the right to appoint a candidate outright or to conduct an interview process depending on the number and quality of applicants. Carry on.
  9. OPERATION ORDER TO: A COY 2 PARA BN FROM: SILBOT, LT, OC 1 PLT A COY SUBJECT: EXERCISE VICARIUS II 211900ZAPR19 ++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++++ I. PRELIMS Time: 1500L Weather: Clear with periodic clouds, wind <2m/s, humidity 46% Current position: CAMP UMETATE-CHI, SAVOROLO ARCHIPELAGO, NORTHERN PACIFIC TASK ORG: 10A - Lt Silbot II. GROUND Habitats include rocky shores, cliffs, grasslands, alpine tundra, forests and peat bogs. The steep slopes are susceptible to landslides. There is spotty tree cover across much of the archipelago. III. SITUATION In conjuction with a US-led FREEDOM OF NAVIGATION OPERATION (FONOP), the 16AA has been deployed for training exercises with the JAPANESE SELF-DEFENCE FORCES (JSDF) on the SAVOROLO ARCHIPELAGO. The 16AA last visited the islands as part of TASK FORCE WYVERN. A Coy will continue training operations on the island 1 Plt will conduct para operations together with 1 Flt/JHC FRIENDLY FORCES A Coy 2 Plt and 3 Plt will be conducting their own exercises. JSDF forces patrol the camp and may conduct their own exercises. IV. MISSION To conduct a series of static line combat paradrops from a C-130. Each successful completed descent will be recorded for future qualification, including those whom already hold a parachutist qualification in either category. V. EXECUTION This will be a three-phase exercise: PHASE ONE All personnel will undergo required pre-jump briefing by jumpmasters and flight personnel at the hangars. PHASE TWO The platoon will conduct a series of low level static line combat jumps in daylight. PHASE THREE The platoon will conduct two low level combat jumps in night time. Hot meals and local brew is expected upon our return. VI. CSS i. Dress: CEFO, MTP and PPE. ii. Equipment: SOP - Tuck all straps and secure all equipment prior to pre-jump brief iii. Weapons. SOP iv. Meds/CMT: As per SOP. v. POW & Detainees: Report to 10A. VII. COMMAND AND SIGNAL i. Command: Lt Silbot (0A) ii. Signals: 148/117 Channels; 1 Pltn net channel 1, Coy net channel 3, Log net channel 4, Fires net channel 5, Flight net channel 6. iii. Challenge/Response: CHARLIE OSCAR / INDIA NOVEMBER +++++++++++++++ENDS+++++++++++++++++
  10. My formal congratulations and grattitude for not only saving my life repeatedly, but also ensuring missions success. Well done Cullen!
  11. From: Hill, Brigadier, CO 16th Air assault Brigade To: 2 Para Bn + Atts Subject: Letter of Commendation DTG: 112300ZFEB19 ++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++ Letter of Commendation Presented by the Brigade commander of the 16th Air Assault brigade to Acting Lance Corporal Cullen In recognition of outstanding service and heroic actions during Operation Sea Lion II February 10th 2019, Acting Lance Corporal Cullen is presented with the 16th Air Assault Brigade commander's letter of commendation. During Operation Sea Lion II and the battle of 'Hill 88', Acting Lance Corporal Cullen held the entire west of the hillside on his own. On multiple occasions the enemy rushed his position as he with great courage and selflessness repeatedly pushed them back, calling for grenades to be thrown on the other side of the rock he was hunkered behind. Toward the end of the engagement, Cullen was eventually overrun and badly wounded. Without his actions there is no doubt the enemy would have retaken the hill which would have significantly changed the outcome of the operation. Acting Lance Corporal Cullen's actions bring great credit upon himself, 16th Air Assault Brigade and the British Armed Forces. Award presented in country February 11th 2019 Signed Brigadier Hill Regimental Commander +++++++++++++++ENDS+++++++++++++++
  12. Well done boys, welcome to the fray.
  13. OPERATION ORDER TO: A COY 2 PARA BN FROM: SILBOT, CAPT, OC A COY, 2 PARA BN SUBJECT Operation IRON UNIFORM VII 182000ZNOV2018 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I. PRELIMS TIME: 0700L WEATHER: Low temperatures during the dark hours; fog at dusk and dawn; hot and sunny during the day CURRENT POS: FOB SKUA TASK ORG: 0 - Capt Silbot 10A - Lt MacDonald 10B - Sgt Dahl 41A - A/LCpl Cullen II. GROUND Limited high ground with dirt roads with connecting compounds, gives way to fields with trees and shallow ditches lining the boundaries. Roads are limited in the lowlands and connect mud-walled compounds. British operations KUNDUZ region III. SITUATION "The British Armed Forces regretfully announce the death of Afghan National Army commander Umar Az, who was killed in a confrontation between the commander and members of the British armed forces stationed in the area trying to disarm a captured high value target. In the struggle the firearm accidentally discharged and commander Az sustained injuries which resulted in the death of the commander. The British units in the region and accompanying ANA units are now undergoing operation changes to ensure that a situation like this does not reoccur." - 16AA, Battalion HQ After the death of commander Az, the already fragile relationship between 16AA and the ANA, ANP and Civilian population is rendering close to non existent. As such all operations in the area have been temporarily suspended. No direct threats have been made against NATO units in the region by local forces, as such Battalion HQ is currently unwilling to compromise the ROE and expresses extreme caution when identifying and engaging targets. Until relations with the local forces can be re-established and strengthened, Battalion HQ is unwilling to conduct any forward operations, but instead direct the main effort towards rebuilding relationships in controlled areas. ENEMY FORCES STRENGTH: J2 assessed as company strength remaining in our AO MORALE: Reasonable SMALL ARMS: Generally AK type small arms up to 14.5mm of russian manufacture but with soome older western type armaments being displayed HVY WEAPONS: RPG-7 or variants, and 82mm mortars are likely VEHICLES: Civilian vehicles or technicals AIR THREAT: At least 1x FIM-92 Stinger MINE THREAT: LOW in general but assume HIGH IED threat in areas of interest FRIENDLY FORCES A Coy (2 Plt, 3 Plt, Coy HQ) ANA understrength Coy in the region Air assets are available but limited IV. MISSION A Coy will extend its area of operation by relocating 1 Plt to FOB KEYSTONE V. EXECUTION This will be a 4 phase operation Phase one 1 Plt will move to FOB KEYSTONE and establish full combat readiness. 2 Plt will return to FOB SKUA and assume area responsibility for the sorrounding area. 3 Plt will remain at the main camp as force protection with a QRF element available for both regions. Phase two 1 Plt and 2 Plt will conduct short range patrols in their area, getting a read of the locals and terrain. 3 Plt will detatch a force protection element to provide security for regional command. Phase three 1 Plt and 2 Plt will secure key infrastructure in their region in order to maintain security and posture while Coy and regional command with elements of 3 Plt conduct meetings with ANA and ANP. Phase four 1 Plt will meet with the elders in CHAHAR DARA and establish a presence in the area. 2 Plt will assist ANA in checkpoint operations. VI. ROE Card ALPHA. People live and work in this AO and we are not here to distrupt their lives. I expect sighting reports to becoming in prior to engagement unless there is clear and immediate threat to life. VII. CSS i. Dress: CEFO, MTP and PPE ii. Equipment: As per SOP iii. Weapons: As per SOP iv. Ammo: As per SOP v. Meds/CMT: CSMR are to operate as per SOP IIX. COMMAND AND SIGNAL i. Command: Capt Silbot (0), Lt MacDonald (10A), Sgt Dahl (10B) ii. Signals: 148/117 Channels; 1 Plt net Ch 1, Coy net Ch 3, Log net Ch 4, Fires net Ch 5, Flight net Ch 7 iii. Challenge/Response: SIERRA NOVEMBER / OSCAR WHISKY IX. TIMINGS O-Group: 1945Z H-Hour: 2010Z ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ENDS++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  14. OPERATION ORDER TO: C Sqn SBS FROM: SILBOT, CAPT, OC C Sqn SBS SUBJECT: Operation APPHIA I 011900ZAUG18 ++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++++ I. PRELIMS Time: 1300L Weather: Hot and sunny Current Pos: Kamp Kastor, Kidal TASK Org: 10A - Lt Macdonald. 20A - TBC 30A - TBC 41A - Cpl Scarle 44A - A/LCpl Krauser Widow 70 - Sgt Smith II. GROUND In Detail: Our Area of Operations is the region of Kidal in northern Mali. The area is mainly made up of desert, with a number of smaller settlements and towns, including the regional capital of Kidal. III. SITUATION Without warning a number of strikes took place in the center of Kidal, including a suicide bombing at a marketplace. Local forces have lost control of the market and its surroundings, allowing the insurgency forces to take the market. ENEMY FORCES INTSUM Known positions: Unknown (Marketplace center of town) Strength: J2 assess insurgency groups in the region to be strong but fragmented, enemy units can operate up to platoon strength. Morale: Assessed as High. Attacks appear coordinated and successfull so far Small arms: Generally AK type small arms up to 14.5mm of Russian manufacture but with some older western FN type armaments being displayed. Hvy Weapons: RPG7 or variants and 82mm mortars are likely. Vehicles: Civilian vehicles, motorcycles or technicals on the roads but highly unlikely on the dunes. Aircraft: Not likely Air Threat: Small Arms and RPGs IED Threat: High FRIENDLY FORCES Remainder A Coy + Atts JHC Blackhawks and littlebirds at GAO AFB IV. MISSION We will conduct a FIGHTING PATROL into the marketplace and clear it of enemy activity. V. EXECUTION This will be a 4 phase operation. PHASE 1 We will advance into a staging area short of the marketplace. A/1 will move by vehicle along the MSR into the staging area and link up with a FAMa commander. 4/1 will move with the convoy in rotary wing transport and provide QRF for the forces on the ground. PHASE 2 A/1 push forward and secure OBJ BUFFALO and OBJ HIPPO by force. 4/1 will deploy sniper teams at 10A discretion. Concurrent, FAMa will set up roadblocks North and south of MSR SERPENT, EAST of ASR CHEVALLE and AST TURTOISE in order to cordon the area. PHASE 3 Once OBJ BUFFALO and OBJ HIPPO has been secured A/1 will send out a detatchment to secure and set up an HLS at OBJ GIRAFF in order to secure a CASEVAC chain. FAMa will attempt to tighten the cordon. PHASE 4 Once we have secured objectives we will defend them and aid civilian casualties until reenforced by local forces. Anticipate a lenghty wait as FAMa can be unpredictable on their timings. VI. ROE NATO 429 VII. CSS i. Dress: CEFO, MC and PPE. ii. Equipment: C-IED, Medical, breaching, fastrope ii. Weapons: As per SOP (4/1 longrifles) iv. Ammo: As per SOP v. Meds/CMT: CSMR are to operate as per SOP. IX. CO-ORDINATING INSTRUCTIONS Geared up and ready to move NLT 1915, expect O-Group at 1900 X. COMMAND AND SIGNAL i. Command: Capt Silbot (0A), Lt Macdonald (10A). ii. Signals: 148/117 Channels; 1 Pltn Net Channel 1, Coy net Channel 3, Log Net Channel 4, Fires Net Channel 5, Flight net Channel 7. iii. Challenge/Response: TAYLOR / SWIFT iv. R&U: 41A, 44A, IC JHC
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