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  2. Beazley

    Op Falcon II

    A very few general shots of the base pre-stormtroopering (those of you who didn't attend might not want to look - I'd be happy to run it again as a side-op/off-night thing): Overall tonight we killed around 150 rebels, and had 160 stormtrooper casualties. RIP in pieces all.
  3. Beazley

    Op Falcon II

    I did say we should have the door shut *shrug*. Little video (very highly compressed, soz) to show the volume of fire going both ways at the start of the op (this just before). So much that the AT-ST has got his wobble on! Who got to notice my little Christmas friend? 1/3 clearing the first bunker junction: So, jump packs in regular ops? I know I said no jet-packing inside, but I did enjoy a few people doing it in one of the large cavern corridors to get past one particularly nasty chokepoint (of many) - it worked well.
  4. OPERATION ORDER TO: ARCTIC JUMPTROOPER COY, BLIZZARD FORCE FROM: SILBOT, LT, OC ARCTIC JUMPTROOPER COY, BLIZZARD FORCE SUBJECT: Operation FALCON II 092000ZDEC18 +++++++++++++++BEGINS+++++++++++++++ I. PRELIMS Time: 0900L Weather: Light fog clings to the ice field, otherwise clear skies and moderate wind. Current pos: ~500m from the rebel HQ ECHO BASE TASK ORG 0 - Lord Vader 0A - Lt Silbot 10A - 2Lt MacDonald 41A - A/LCpl Cullen II. GROUND Flat, icy terrain in the immediate AO, surrounded by glaciers and deep snow. ECHO BASE itself varies from wide, open hangar area to tight cavern corridors and bunker systems. III. SITUATION Following IMINT from a crashed probe droid, Lord Vader determined that the Alliance to Restore the Republic's headquarters is on the planet Hoth, 6th planet in the Hoth system. He has chosen to deploy BLIZZARD FORCE in full strength alongside a detachment of 501st Legion to secure it. Blizzard One - our venerable General Veers' AT-AT - has just disabled the rebel shield generator, and the Empire line is slowly gaining ground towards ECHO BASE. We are currently in front of their final line of defence before the base's hangar entrance. FRIENDLY FORCES AT-ATs Blizzard One, Two, Six and our very own Four are in the immediate AO, with AT-ST and troop accompaniments. Full company of TIE/SA BOMBERS, TIE/LN STARFIGHTERS and TIE/IN INTERCEPTORS available for air support. ENEMY FORCES Strength: Unknown number of hostiles inside ECHO BASE. Morale: Low, but expect 'last stand' grit. Small arms: Various blaster rifles from across the galaxy. Heavy Weapons: DF.9 anti-infantry batteries and 1.4 FD P-Towers remain up as part of the defensive line. We expect these to be rendered non-functional by air support or AT-AT fire by step-off. More conventional stationary MG turrets expected in the base interior. Vehicles: Possible small ground transports. Aircraft: Unknown number of A-Wings, X-Wings and Y-Wings as well as GR-75 civillian transport ships. Air threat: Medium. Mine threat: None. IV. MISSION We are to conduct a RAPID ASSAULT onto final rebel defensive line, then clear through the entirety of ECHO BASE. All personnel are to be terminated with extreme prejudice. If you encounter HVT PRINCESS LEIA you are to TERMINATE her... immediately! General Veers has chosen to use ARCTIC JUMPTROOPER COY so we can close the gap on their defences with all haste. Let's show the Empire what we can do. MAP DATA Due to subsurface scattering within the ice field, our map data is limited. We do not know the layout of Echo Base. IMINT V. EXECUTION Detailed briefing will be given in field. VI. ROE There are no rules to this engagement. VII. CSS i. Dress: Jumptrooper armour with jump packs. ii. Weapons: Standard issue E-11 blaster rifles. iii. Ammo: Lethal only. iv. Meds/CMT: CSMR are to operate as per SOP. IIX. COMMAND AND SIGNAL i. Command: Lord Vader (0), Lt Silbot (0A), 2Lt MacDonald (10A) ii. Signals: 148/117 channels; 1 Plt net channel 1, Coy net channel 3, Log net channel 4, Fires net channel 5, Flight net channel 7. iii. Challenge/Response: FOXTROT BRAVO / WHISKY YANKEE IX. TIMINGS 1950Z - Join server 2000Z - Briefing 2010Z - Pte Beazley will give an equipment briefing while O-group is ongoing 2020Z - H-Hour +++++++++++++++++ENDS+++++++++++++++++
  5. Beazley

    Op Falcon

    We're rolling as Storm Troopers once more if you're around this Sunday.
  6. Wait out for OPORD.
  7. OPORD to follow.
  8. OPORD to follow.
  9. OPERATION ORDER TO: A COY 2 PARA BN FROM: SILBOT, CAPT, A COY OC SUBJECT: Operation Iron Uniform V 042000ZNOV18 ++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++++ I. SITUATION It has been a week since the joint operation to retake Chahar Dara which resulted in 14 ANA wounded and 10 ANA casualties, 6 from enemy fire and 4 from a blue on blue incident. The 16AA suffered 3 KIA and a downed Apache attack helicopter. The enemy is believed to have suffered heavily in the attack with an estimated 50+ KIA plus a large amount of weapons, resources and vehicles. A number of ammo and supply cache were also found in Chahar Dara along with 6 mines all of which have been removed by engineers. There is also a high possibility that the unknown sniper who has been harrying us has been heavily wounded. Since the liberation of Chahar Dara, the ANA have retaken the police station at Kar Shek and life has mostly returned to normal within our area of control. The ANA have repositioned a number of their outposts along with two new MSR checkpoint to the north of Chahar Dara. The ANP have also begun patrols around Chahar Dara along with the surrounding areas to the south and east. The strategic situation of the area is fragile but stable. We have gained a large foothold with the liberation of Chahar Dara and Kar Shek, as such we can now dictate the time and location of engagements. From our current positions our next targets are Andi, the enemy stronghold of Kamar and the possible enemy HQ in Tal Kar. SIGINIT and HUMINT suggest that Tal Kar has been abandoned and the majority of fighters have left Kamar to the area surrounding Anbar Tappeh. With limited air support and all 3 platoons of the company spread across a 4 mile frontline, our options are limited. With limited numbers, weapons and resources it is unknown what the enemy’s next move will be. It is highly likely that they are awaiting resupply and reinforcements from neighbouring Districts and/or Provinces. II. GROUND Limited high ground with dirt roads connecting compounds, gives way to fields with trees and shallow ditches lining the boundaries. Roads are limited in the low lands and connect mud walled compounds. Key: DARK BLUE areas are controlled by the 16AA. GREEN areas mark the places controlled by the ANA and their FLOT. LIGHT BLUE marks out the location of the potential new FOB. ORANGE marks the location of the humanitarian organisation with whom we will work to distribute supplies. YELLOW areas are ANA vehicle checkpoints. Some of these are manned. RED areas are those in which the enemy is suspected to still operate. III. ENEMY FORCES Believed to be a understrength company of infantry with small arms and RPGs. MEDIUM possibility of technicals. HIGH possibility of IEDs. MEDIUM possibility of snipers. NO air assets. MEDIUM possibility anti-air units. Reports from ANA troops state that the village of Tal Kar contains the current EN HQ with the villages of Kamar and Anbar Tappeh being of importance to them. IV. FRIENDLY FORCES We have friendly forces in the form of an understrength company of ANA troops. These troops are considered LOW in quality. 2 and 3 platoon will be on 24 hour standby at Camp Fulmar. We have air support available. V. PROBABLE OWN MISSION Train and assist the ANA in combatting the Taliban in Kunduz Province, deny the enemy movement and operational freedom. Educate ANA on prevention of civilian casualties and blue on blue situations. VI. IN DETAIL With our replacement apache still in transport and the enemy’s lack of resources and fighters forcing them into heavier use of guerrilla warfare, BN HQ is unwilling to leave any part of our frontlines without ANA and 16AA units. As such we will be meeting with village elders within Chahar Dara, contacting a possible CI to establish the identities of enemy commanders, assisting the ANA at an NGO organised food and water distribution. Secondary objectives are to assist the ANA with manning two MSR checkpoints north of Chahar Dara and clear a compound just north of Chahar Dara as a locale for a new FOB to reduce our response times to situations within the area. 2 platoon along with ANA will continue to hold Kar Shek Ark while 3 platoon and ANA conduct and assault on Andi. Any vehicles going north or coming from the north of Chahar Dara and to be searched and approached with caution, any suspicious activity is to be reported to command. VII. CSS i. Dress: CEFO, MTP and PPE. ii. Equipment: SOP iii. Weapons. SOP iv. Meds/CMT: As per SOP. v. POW & Detainees: Report to 10A. IIX. COMMAND AND SIGNAL i. Command: Capt Silbot (0A), Lt MacDonald (10A) ii. Signals: 148/117 Channels; 1 Pltn net channel 1, Coy net channel 3, Log net channel 4, Fires net channel 5, Flight net channel 6. iii. Challenge/Response: PAPA ALPHA / ROMEO ALPHA +++++++++++++++ENDS+++++++++++++++++
  10. Vote up.
  11. OPORD added. Map data to follow tomorrow (it's late).
  12. OPERATION ORDER TO: 1 PLT A COY 2 PARA BN FROM: MACDONALD, LT, OC 1 PLT A COY 2 PARA SUBJECT: Operation IRON UNIFORM IV 282000ZOCT2018 +++++++++++++++BEGINS+++++++++++++++ I. PRELIMS Time: 1000L Weather: Hot and Sunny Current Pos: FOB Skua TASK Org: 10A - Lt MacDonald 10B - Sgt Dahl 41A - A/LCpl Cullen II. GROUND Limited high ground with dirt roads connecting compounds, gives way to fields with trees and shallow ditches lining the boundaries. Roads are limited in the low lands and connect mud walled compounds. III. SITUATION We have now captured the ASR south of Andi, Airport Road, Tanpeh (the ANA's objectives) and our own target compounds of Darya Yu and the ammo/supply cache at Kar Shek Ark. The enemy are now on the back foot, and so we predict they will resort to even more 'dirty warfare'; increasing their use of ambushes, IEDs, IDF systems and technicals. Our next targets are Chahar Dara, Kar Shek and the known stronghold of Kamar. It is imperative that we capture Chara Dara in the small window before the enemy has a chance to bring more fighters, weapons and resources into the area. Command believes it is CRITICAL that the ANA are seen by the local population in retaking this settlement. Due to the capture of Darya Yu and Kar Shek Ark, the enemy is now restricted to a north approach to Chahar Dara for reinforcements and supplies. This does not, however, remove the possibility of attack from the north-easterly Kamar. This will be the largest manoeuvre conducted thus far within this campaign, involving 2 platoons of ANA and 1, 2 and 3 platoon of 16AA A Coy. ENEMY FORCES: INTSUM Strength: J2 assessed as Coy Strength Remaining in our AO. Morale: Assessed as reasonable Small arms: Generally AK type small arms up to 14.5mm of Russian manufacture but with some older western FN type armaments being displayed. Hvy Weapons: RPG7 or variants and 82mm mortars are likely. Vehicles: Civilian vehicles or technicals Aircraft: Not likely Air Threat: At least 1x FIM-92 Stinger Mine Threat: LOW in general but assume HIGH IED threat in areas of interest. FRIENDLY FORCES A Coy 2 & 3 Plt will be on standby at Camp FULMAR ANA understrength Coy in the AO. Air assets are available. IV. MISSION The main MSR into Chahar Dara is expected to be blocked and/or mined, as such 1platoon 16AA will be conducting an assault from the WEST. Our objective is to secure all compounds up to the MSR; the ANA will be taking the town EAST of MSR. Once secure our secondary objective - battlefield conditions permitting - will be to assault Kar Shek itself with the assistance of ANA forces. 2 platoon will hold Darya Yu and Kar Shek Ark to ensure security of our eastern flank. 3 platoon will dig in south of Andi, Tanpeh and the Airport Road checkpoint. This should prevent any enemy from reinforcing Chahar Dara from the east. The ANA with be stationed to the south of Tabeed prior to the assault. Due to the sensitivity of this operation and in order to maximise on the element of surprise and current lack of enemy operational freedom, we will be conduct our assault at DAWN. The assault is to commence no later than 0350 Local time. Sunrise will be between 0440 and 0450. There is at least one MANPAD in the AO: all air assets are restricted from crossing further north than Darya Yu. V. EXECUTION Orders from Capt Silbot/Lt MacDonald to follow. VI. ROE Card ALPHA. People live and work in this AO and we are not here to disrupt that. I expect sighting reports to be coming to me before anyone starts engaging targets unless there is a clear and immediate threat to life. VII. CSS i. Dress: CEFO, MTP and PPE. ii. Equipment: As per SOP ii. Weapons: As per SOP iv. Ammo: As per SOP v. Meds/CMT: CSMR are to operate as per SOP. IIX. COMMAND AND SIGNAL i. Command: Capt Silbot (0A), Lt MacDonald (10A), Sgt Dahl(10B). ii. Signals: 148/117 Channels; 1 Pltn Net Channel 1, Coy net Channel 3, Log Net Channel 4, Fires Net Channel 5, Flight net Channel 7. iii. Challenge/Response: SIERRA NOVEMBER / OSCAR WHISKY iv. R&U: ICs. +++++++++++++++++ENDS+++++++++++++++++
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