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  1. World War II Guadalcanal Documentary

    Interesting conflict. It was a super early era in the USMC WW2 legacy. The weapons systems were quite primitive. Springfield rifles instead of M1 Garands and M50 Reising instead of Thompsons.
  2. PC Cleaning

    Your mum?
  3. ADMIN Patrol Reports

    Reserved 4/1
  4. What Football Club Do You Support?

  5. Operation Artemis VI

    You should of switched to rock and roll and gone out like a Viking. Try to keep this quote in mind next time "I came into this world kicking and screaming and covered in someone elses blood...I am happy to go out the same way"
  6. Argo

    You're not married are you Griffin.
  7. OPORD [SIDE MISSION] Operation Apollo II 191900ZJUN17

    Echo Marksman
  8. J2 Intel

    What he means is Americans use the term "Intel", the British use "Int".
  9. Holy mother of god! its beautiful

    Im not buying another DLC I will never use for a game that is stroppier than all the women that live in my house put together. BIS can go fuck off.

    Nah. He is old a bald like me...we know our limits. Pastry, spicy food, neat liquor.

    I done told y'all...Willis is the tits at flyin!!!!!
  12. I didnt say not to use smoke, rather dont throw it in panic to cover yourself escaping as you throw those trying to defend themselves under a bus. There is zero need to use smoke at night when the enemy dont have NVG's. In fact it completely negates our advantage. This was made clear by the fact that they were using flares to illuminate our positions.