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  1. My view from the first mission, only mission with not getting rekt after the lag like MIllar from that Russian dude that somehow snuck up behind us in the lagspike. #Feelsbadman Edited out the "boring" parts ofc. It's recorded in 21:9 so you 16:9 plebs will sadly be stuck with some black bars to be able to comprehend the epicness of 21:9 field of view
  2. To my defense, the reason I wasnt putting down rapid on that picket fence was due to low ammo, couldnt waste it basically. (Last 5-10 min or so of the match) Also the visibility was total dogshit. Clayton somehow stopped responding on comms due to what I guess is TFR issues so couldnt get a fix on the damn enemy Not having chat open also meant didnt see the countdown, which sucks. Would have been nice to know when one could go rambo with the few remaining bullets haha. Great fun though. Sendall was running over to get a radio, trying to get comms with whoever was left (we had no clue if we were the last guys or not since all lines had been broken to shit) and maneuvering trough a hostile town with tanks running rampant would have been suicide. So we got up in a semi good cover ARD and just waited that shit out. Thankfully they did some blue on blue which probably saved our bacon to be honest
  3. Pucker factor: Over 9000 Coxson putting in the fucking work. Scarle getting rekt by a fellow sniper.
  4. Haha, yes I am fully aware. It just seemed to be a super short mission (and I was right) so I rather built myself a Turban and manned up. Any other OP i'd have evaced out on the first bird.
  5. Quite a bit on the backburner with videos due to some other priorities than premiere subscription for a few months, so i'll churn out the perseus op and then move on to the newest one we have soon ish. I'll try and make the video lenght to about 40-50 minutes from now on to make it abit easier to churn out, and also make them alot more easy to sit down and watch for the more "normal" people so to speak. Note: Perseus 2 is really Perseus 3, but since I dont want "where is pt 2??????" all over it's easier to just do it chronologically. Not like anyoone would notice anyway, muhaha. And for the love of baby jesus, refrain from black bars. They just draw the attention away from the main action and make some hud elements stick out like a sore thumb which defeats the purpose of said black bars in the first place. Just take a look at a video from Dyslyecxi and tell me how much you notice the random chatter in group chat or anything else except what is focused on the main 50% of the center. Anyway. Enjoy.
  6. A "short" video from Pedersen.. He must have gone bonkers! Anyway, some good cqb training. Might be a couple milliseconds off in sync at some points due to lazyness in small video. So, enjoy. Should be 1440p goodness by the time anyone wakes up. Trying to minimize flagging but arma being arma its not as easy as it is in real life to say the least haha.
  7. Last push into the airfield. And like any good day, a artillery shell lands in the midst of our ranks. Cut 45 min from the start but still a decent lenght video. Still trying to find the optimal template for stuff. Thanks to Mokler for great intro and outro, just edited a bit to fit my stuff.
  8. Welcome to the x-factor stage, LCpl Hughes, performing live for the very first time.
  9. For whatever reason, we dont seem to have a video-only sticky on here which could be useful. Figured i'd take the leap in the mean time seeing as I know both myself and Haagenrud at least does filming each op. That and it's easier to find videos vs screenshots that way and all. I mainly do full lenght more or less un-edited videos normally, because im lazy and I enjoy watching longer videos on youtube of operations. Do the odd mashup of proper action sequenses also but thats normally after a rotation is done with. Pardon the totally non regulation gps on the second video.. I might have accidentaly picked it from a crate at the start. But its more in the way than helpfull for a boot anyway. Will be doing more editing, or at least throw in a proper intro and outro soon after my premierer is updated again. Long live 40-60gb uploaded videos. On that note, enjoy 1440p goodness of slaughter.
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