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  1. If you want to go the full lenght and not having to replace the X series every couple of years (from what I've read at least, craftmanship is rather shoddy if you are unlucky) the Thrustmaster Warthog is the way to go if you have the money to splurge. Take out the center spring and you'll have one of the best joystick/throttle combos around without going into the super hardcore market. Vive is just a few pixels to little to accurately do the job in flight sims for me after testing. Next version of vive if that comes sometime will probably be just enough to make it possible to read shit without having to stick your nose in the intstrument clusters.
  2. Gotcha! In that case I fully agree with you, might have missread it a bit then.
  3. Just a couple of points I have noted from HR and the first missions in dense jungle: It was mentioned in the debrief yesterday, but WHISPER is important as hell. When you can only see a few meters, but your voice heard for 5-50 meters ahead on the trial, safe to say you are setting yourself up to get ambushed. Also hear a metric shit ton of small talk going on around, including alot of OOC stuff that really kills immersion and makes editing videos, at least for me, a pain in the fucking ass. Alot of OOC talk (out of character) aka talking about how the AI is stupid etc etc makes video making impossible to the standard we should be hoping to show the world. Aka the milsim badasses we are. (This obviously only means on patrol, not in base and what not). Regarding smoke, in the jungle when we have this close contacts its the only thing that will save your bacon. Theres a big difference however on using smoke when you are initiating an ambush and the enemy does so to you. Putting down rapid will get you some offensive defense, but if you dont smoke out and you end up in a prolonged firefight you will die if you are not the one engaging first in an ambush. Jungle is confusing. The main issue is AI just wanders trough smoke like fucking rambos giving zero fucks. No one with half a brain would walk trough a smoke in a firefight to go after the enemy, that is suicide. I get the reason for normally not smoking, but in dense jungles most of the normal "rules" that makes sense in other arenas just go out the window. This just magnifies many more times when we also don't have body armor to take a punch. Most contacts in Vietnam when it comes to the shit we do now would make contact, keep it going for some minutes and then smoke out (either with CS gas to make sure the bodies are in fact dead) and then bug the fuck out in a random azimuth to throw the enemy off the trial. Followed by a lay behind section of 2-3 guys that would ambush trackers if they managed to follow and setup claymores and anti personel mines (claymore with tripwire focusing down the main path, with toe poppers on either side the trial to make people walk off the path and get their feet blown to shit) Just my two cents as a vietnam era lover, which just happens to be 95% of the same stuff we are doing, as far as tactics and procedures go. Not much has really changed since then when it comes to jungle warfare theory.
  4. Well, the good once have been mentioned already. I do however read a lot of Vietnam era goodness, because that in my book is by far the most intense yet interesting war in quite some time (to me at least). Great reads on the subject matter at hand: Blackjack-33 Blackjack-34 Recondo: LRRPs in the 101st Airborne Killer Kane Chickenhawk and Low Level Hell All ace books, last once are centered on aviation (Hueys and Littlebirds respectively) While the first 4 are all infantry, LRRPs to be precise. Long Range Recon Patrols. I can guarantee that if you read a couple of those, you'll learn a shitton of usefull skills that can be applied in practice to the next op.
  5. Not all mine.. but mostly. Perfect angle on incoming enemy. 15-18 KIA tonight. Will get some proper screenshots later he he. No time to do a proper edit sadly, but a long ass firefight does not really need all that many cuts I guess. Next time it should be back up to a certain standard of non retardedness.. Bit triggered at the end due to random Mr.Morris coming in from a "no friendlies" zone ending up in him getting the better end of my m4 burst in the chest/face, but certainly of no fault of his due to some sketchy QRF dropoffs. Sorry 2Plt, I promise I love you guys normally. Maybe.
  6. A Pedersen

    HR 26/03

    That's one way to get picked up.. Shadowplay defaulted to my SSD for recording so couldnt get screenshots of ambushing DISTAFF 20 meters ahead in the ass with smoke UGL's and rapid while they engaged 2PLT that somehow managed to get mingled there
  7. Used Track IR for quite a few years. My first track clip pro went bust after one of the ridicilously under engineered hair widt cables inside it went bust and tore of (good fucking luck welding that back on). Then it worked for about 6 months more until the whole main unit just took a dump and died on me. I'll get a new one eventually though, but with 21:9 @ 3440x1440 monitor I get most of the needed FOV I would usually use when I have Track IR. CQB is really the only place I miss it. Being able to look into corners before my gun gets there is really essential to getting out alive. That and general non open walking. Aka cities etc where there is alot of places to scan rapidly. ALT works fine for it, but it's alot more clunky to say the least. Track IR works well for what it is, if you have the right angle as Dahl has said. I've had *alot* of annoying as fuck issues due to line of sight being a few millimeters of and therefor give you some wack movement. And like others have mentioned, turn off your extra axes. They work in different roles for different things, but for infantry the only once I use is horizontal and vertical. Everything else seem to fuck up and do stupid shit if your not glued to your chair in a fixed position. Tilt,leaning and such works great for flying and driving though.
  8. Couldnt see more than 50 meters at the end, and that fog was killer. But overall pretty fun. UGL master race.
  9. Walking into the bushes of doom.
  10. A Pedersen

    Selectus X

    Fun OP. Will get some proper screenshots at one point. Close fucking ambush while moving into last town.
  11. Bloody hell that is one hell of a unlucky shot ha ha. Was a lot of wierd incidents that night for sure. Chaotic but good fun regardless.
  12. I'll see if I can dig up some pictures. Was to busy getting shot by friendlies in the ass Someone with a fancy hat shooting at the wrong guy. The price you pay for scavenging better weaponry Making abso-fucking-lutely sure that a tank is down for good. Assaulting trough Setting up holding positions
  13. Tactical beard eh, sure. Why not. Haagenrud paparazi during some AS some months back.
  14. A Pedersen

    Op Barbarossa

    Should be processed by the time people are awake // home from work
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