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  1. Yeah it does, get your kit off mate. Congrats, well deserved
  2. Pte Bowler


    I had that turned up far far too loud when I watched it, and I have no idea what my mother thinks of me now
  3. Pte Bowler


    Reynolds will fix it for you?
  4. Hello Capio, Thanks for getting in contact, if you wouldn't mind giving us a little bit to just to work out whether or not it's feasible to attend, and if so the sort of numbers we can provide on the evening, we'll get back to you asap.
  5. The files are likely to be way too big to email, Dropbox or something?
  6. Does it contain moustaches?
  7. Congrats chaps, I enjoyed firing random shots over your heads during the SCBC. Well done in the commitment you've shown to the unit!
  8. I'm pretty sure Greenhalgh is alright, who else is in Manchester?
  9. I know who I want to vote for, but my black shirt isn't ironed
  10. And congratulations also to Pte Hanslien and LCpl Liberts for passing the day before
  11. Pfffff piss I'm on my shitty autocorrecting phone, I live in Colchester anyway. It is a gaming community, but it's importantly a milsim thing, think of it more as sort of virtual reenactment thing. It's not too dissimilar from ww2 reenactors if you get what I mean (obviously not that same thing, but closest comparison I could make).
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