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  1. Yeah situation was: We were driving to VCP Haggis when we were stopped by a rather friendly bloke providing us with what seemed like solid intel. Out of the blue, 3 trucks arrive, full of these lads. Chat happens, Tension rises, And things escalate. At this point I was given permission to now start working them to the ground and detaining....... (Forgetting its fckin arma, And if people are being as they are, Noone is gonna drop their weapon, Even if theres 2 helis and 4 GPMG's pointing that way... 4 other blokes arrive, and out of the blue start shooting at the guys at the trucks. Lots of chaos, But not 16AA members in contact at that point, Just a taki on taki shootout with us in the middle. Once a bullet came rather close, we called for a Fire at will. Ended up 5 Blufor KIA and remainder Heavily wounded. All because we cant de-escalate this type of situations in arma.
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