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  1. Yeah situation was: We were driving to VCP Haggis when we were stopped by a rather friendly bloke providing us with what seemed like solid intel. Out of the blue, 3 trucks arrive, full of these lads. Chat happens, Tension rises, And things escalate. At this point I was given permission to now start working them to the ground and detaining....... (Forgetting its fckin arma, And if people are being as they are, Noone is gonna drop their weapon, Even if theres 2 helis and 4 GPMG's pointing that way... 4 other blokes arrive, and out of the blue start shooting at the guys at the trucks. Lots of chaos, But not 16AA members in contact at that point, Just a taki on taki shootout with us in the middle. Once a bullet came rather close, we called for a Fire at will. Ended up 5 Blufor KIA and remainder Heavily wounded. All because we cant de-escalate this type of situations in arma.
  2. To: A Coy J2From: 1/3 SectionOP Number: Chromite II 1. "Goat Actions"2. What: "Danlar" Solid bloke, who gave us intel about INS actions in trafalgar mound. had lost 15 goats who we found later.3. When: 12:34L4. Where: grids 0371045. Media: non6. Additional: found the goats and the herder. 1. "Kakaru"2. What: Intel suggests "Young people" were often disturbing local police at the town of kakaru.3. When: 12:304. Where: "Danla" gave the intel.5. Media: non6. Additional: non 1. "Trafalgar Mound"2. What: Insurgency meeting sheduled later today.3. When: Unknown, Just later today.4. Where: Trafalgar Mound5. Media: non6. Additional: Intel by "Danlar" Terp addition and details:
  3. To: A Coy J2From: 1/3 SectionOP Number: Chromite I 1. Local chat2. What: Had a friendly chat with the guy who lives across PB cardiff, "Abdul" Has said not everyone is happy to see us at Cardiff, and if hes seen chatting to much with us, hes gonna be in trouble. We didnt promt further to keep him on good terms with us. Abdul is a local shop keeper on the market Which is held on Thursdays. He has said that the chief of most of the towns around sakhe will be attending next market day.3. When: 08:30L4. Where: Road infront of PB Cardiff5. Media: - 6. Additional: Yorks were on good terms with him, Seems like a good man. 1. Suspicious behavior2. What: A Vehicle pulled up at Abduls house with 2 pax inside, 1 pax exited vehicle and went towards front door, after knocking and noone opening, he did 2 rounds around the house. Man wearing all black.3. When: 08:45L4. Where: Abduls House across PB Cardiff5. Media: - 6. Additional: Suspicious cause Abdul was home for sure. We will have a chat about this with abdul on a later date. 1. Shots heard from TNP2. What: We heard shootings from south of Sakhe, after shots siezed, TNP came with a vehicle asking us wether we had seen a motorbike, Who had ran through their CP. They turned around and went looking.3. When: 08:50L4. Where: PB Cardiff5. Media: 6. Additional: Motorbike is same as 1/2 spotted. Terp addition and details:
  4. Does this mean im gonna be a movie star now?
  5. LCpl Verreck

    ADMIN Patrol Reports

    AFTER ACTION REPORT FROM: 2 SECTION 2 PLTN A COY 2 PARA BN SUBJECT: Operation PHILEMON VI 052000ZNOV17 After Action Report 1) Patrol composition and Location - including VRN of any vehicles; On A/2 Leager. 1x Jackal HMG. 2) Leaguer Status - ideally with a visual; Set up covering East from highpoint 3) Patrol Report; Got tasking to cover A/1's move, took the western side to cover. Spend a lot of time on the highground scouting and calling sightings for A/1. Notable 3 times Heavy MG placed. (marked via datalink) Expended 1box 7.62 + 2box 12.7mm
  6. LCpl Verreck

    ADMIN Patrol Reports

    AFTER ACTION REPORT FROM: 4 SECTION 1 PLTN A COY 2 PARA BN SUBJECT: Operation PHILEMON IV 291900ZOCT17 After Action Report 1) Patrol composition and Location - including VRN of any vehicles; Footmobiles on cave system. 2) Leaguer Status - ideally with a visual; ARD set up around cave system, 1/4 Setup on the south side overwatching the HLS 3) Patrol Report; We stepped off on the east side of the PLT, Got into multiple contacts from the ridgeline towards the SE, Where the 4pax were spotted earlier. Took 2 times casualty due to multiple RPG hits on our sector. During this time we also had contacts from the south ridge. Moved towards cavesystem to get it clear, Entered via south entrance, where we took heavy casualties. Delta fireteam pushed North and cleared that entrance. With help of the other sections managed to clear the cave, Leaving me with 4 P4's and one P3. Inside of the cave was clustered with heavy weapons, what looks like IED making facilities and unkown canisters. NO CBRN DETECTED! PICINT:
  7. 1/1 AAR Intel Doctor Achmed Al Mahid (Owner of Aid Station). provided me with possible location for Al Holandi. -Al Ubaidy With sayings that he owns sheds and a villa in the region. Said Al Holandi gave a speech 2 days prior to op, Nothing of interest said. After he left with big convoy towards Al Ubaidy. Also said that in recent days, hundreds of fighters have been evacuated towards the airfield. Doctor Al Mahid had agreed to come back to base for further questioning and information after his casualties were rescued.
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