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  1. PC Cleaning

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  3. What Football Club Do You Support?

    Im a Newcastle United fan, but also support Feyenoord as its my mums team!
  4. Blackwake.

    im away for a couple weeks atm Willis
  5. Blackwake.

    iv got it
  6. Holy mother of god! its beautiful

    TBH iv had my moneys worth out of this game and thensome, im more than happy to pay for extra content
  7. [media][/media]
  8. UPDATE A3: Modpack

    Weve busted our balls to deliver fixes new equipment and you know we about to start a new campaign if u didnt expect a biggish update well just sit and have a little think about it! But gents you have to expect that 3LSR will make changes, sometimes big changes to bring you the best millsim experience as we can. we don't do big updates that often.
  9. Operation SELEUCUS XI Post Battle Analysis

    These are great GJ
  10. Op Barbarossa

  11. Apex on sale!

    Gents apex is on sale with 35% off fill ur boots!!!
  12. J2 Intelligence and After Action Reports

    In addition to smiths input, 2/1 had detained a local stood on the roof surrendering on red 8, and was in the process of being searched/property being searched before the server took a dump
  13. WW2 in Arma 3 night? (Leave suggestions for mods!)

    Im in i love anything to do with WWII

    Cpl Sweetman goes flying! too funny!
  15. Phoenix, Mike goes. GAMING AND REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE: Untill 2 months ago i was a casual military game player playing public servers and wanted something more, so i joined the 18th Marine regiment, I really enjoyed this unit till it disbanded recently, it took things to another level for me and i enjoyed it thoroughly, Iv clocked over 3k hours on arma 3 split between playing and developing content as i do 3d modelling. plus more on arma 2. My gaming expericnce has been build on playing tonnes of variety of militry games sarting on delta force 2, most of the battlefield series (vietnam was a personal favourite), most of the early call of dutys, untill i stumbled on arma. Sadly i have no real life military experiance. REASON FOR APPLYING: Following my first taste of a milsim i wanted to find a new one, but this time a British unit! Iv watched some videos on youtube and found ur community to be exactly what im looking for! I hope to be a part of it. Id like to be a part of a mature well run milsim and look forward to learn new things and meet new ppl (and by the looks of it a couple of old faces)