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  1. Oliver

    Operation HERA X

    The campaign continues.
  2. Oliver

    Operation HERA IX

    The campaign (hopefully) continues.
  3. Not another Arma3 unit Fairlie. It's some general gaming community thing'a'ma'bob. No issue with that so long as it does not prevent them from being active with us and attending operations on a regular basis.
  4. Oliver

    Operation HERA VI

    Campaign continues.
  5. Recorded some of the op and started to upload some raw footage again but was taking absolute ages while hammering my internet so decided to bugger it.
  6. Special one-time occasion. And the only time I have ever wanted/needed to do any video editing of any kind anyway. Usually, just crop the video length in GeForce Experience and upload within there also. But for some reason this time the second half of the video was not visible inside GeForce Experience but a file did exist for both parts. So had to find a way to merge them together somehow.
  7. Always good to see/hear that I'm also not the only one that seems to absolutely genuinely craps themselves when shot at or mortared in the game either.
  8. yes I realised that It's great hearing long range comms on youtube videos IMHO. But worse for me in game No fancy editing either, ended up being recorded as two videos so had to learn to merge them in Blender, but other than that nothing fancy no intro, no cut scenes to remove some waiting or Karl's issues with a potato.
  9. I was right in our debrief you see McPherson we did not start that movement through bounding. At least from what can hear in video. Started once we took the SA fire to our front. 🧐 You can hear the desperation in McPherson when trying to discuss the assault with me. 😊 GJ on getting something recorded and posted Ainsley.
  10. OPERATION ORDER TO: A COY 2 PARA BN FROM: MACDONALD, LT, 1PLT SUBJECT: Operation Velvet 231900ZSEP18 ++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++++ I. SITUATION A splinter group of the Altis Armed Forces have taken over KAVALA with the backing of a unknown source. They have now declared KAVALA as FIA territory. KAVALA police have surrounded the town and attempted to retake it without success. While large majority of the civilian population have fled to camps in the nearby towns set up by the Altis Government and guarded by AAF, there is still a number of civilians within KAVALA. The AAF have resorted to the use of Artillery and MLRS systems in an attempt to demoralise the FIA and as such around a dozen FIA have already surrendered to AAF forces. II. GROUND Tight streets and urban environment within KAVALA. Hilly areas give way to agricultural land interspersed with small villages and towns outside KAVALA. III. ENEMY FORCES Believed to be no more than 2 platoons of infantry with limited ammo and technicals. LOW possibility of IEDs. HIGH possibility of snipers. NO air assets. LOW possibility anti-air units. IV. FRIENDLY FORCES We have friendly forces of Kavala police and elements of the Altis Armed Forces, both are considered low quality troops, we have no information on the location or activity of the IDF that the AAF have been using. We have air support available. V. PROBABLE OWN MISSION Conduct assault on Kavala, remove enemy forces and return control to the Kavala police and Altis government. VI. IN DETAIL We will approach from the south of Kavala and push through the streets, clearing houses as we go, once the hospital to the east of Kavala has been secured, we will move towards the dockyard in the west of the town, it is believed that the command structure is hold out in one these buildings and once removed or captured that the remaining forces will surrender or flee by land and boats. Civilians are known to still be in the area and a large amount of the city has taken heavy damage from government artillery. KAVALA police will continue to hold a perimeter around the city and elements of the AAF with push into KAVALA from the north. In the event of heavy resistance, the AAF will secure the northern and centre sections of KAVALA as well as the hospital which 1st Platoon push towards the dockyard. VII. CSS i. Dress: CEFO, MTP and PPE. ii. Equipment: SOP iii. Weapons. SOP v. Meds/CMT: As per SOP. vi. POW & Detainees: Report to 10A. IX. COMMAND AND SIGNAL i. Command: Capt Silbot (0A), Lt MacDonald (10A) ii. Signals: 148/117 Channels; 1 Pltn net channel 1, Coy net channel 3, Log net channel 4, Fires net channel 5, Flight net channel 6. iii. Challenge/Response: PAPA ALPHA / ROMEO ALPHA +++++++++++++++ENDS+++++++++++++++++
  11. TBC
  12. I presume you mean the DPM?
  13. Well it was an different game. I do not miss them that much to be honest. Sure there are some good moments, members, etcetera to remember about fondly from our past. The section I've been in has seen fantastic leaders also. But the manner in which the unit carries out each missions has on balance done nothing but improved, at least I consider that to be my perspective, and would not trade that. When was the last time ugly shot up the wrong persons? Such incidents with the units on ground are now also less common I reckon? I would cringe to return to the manner in which I seem to remember our section sometimes dealt with IED's that we encountered to be honest. I seem to remember that treating casualties even though under contact was more common also, were better at AEET now I think. Good nostalgia but that's it. Now then whom can find footage showing Silbot launching what he thought was an smoke grenade into an rioting crowd.
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