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  1. From: Oliver, Pte, on behalf of 16AA HQ To: A Coy + Attachments Subject: H/RRO Appointment Priority: Routine DTG: 171800ZJAN20 ++++++++++++++BEGINS+++++++++++++++ We are pleased to announce that A/LCpl Smith has been appointed to the position of H/RRO. Smith joined the unit in May 2019 and has become a valued member of 1 Section since then. During his comparatively short time with 16 Air Assault, Smith has stepped up to the 2IC role within 1 Section and also joined both the RRO and ITC departments. We are sure that in this new role Smith will show the same dedication and hold the same expectations over the entire Bde as he does for his own section. Please join me in congratulating him on his new position, and wishing him luck! ++++++++++++++ENDS+++++++++++++
  2. From: Oliver, Pte, on behalf of 16AA HQ To: A Coy + Attachments Subject: H/RRO Vacancy Priority: Routine DTG: 052000ZDEC19 ++++++++++++++BEGINS+++++++++++++++ The head of our Recruitment and Retention Office (H/RRO), Oliver, intends to resign, and will leave his post after his replacement has transitioned into the role. In line with 16AA policy, applications are invited immediately for the post of H/RRO. They will be responsible for the personnel of the entire Company, all things related to applicants, recruits, retention, recruitment campaigns, complaints, transfers, assignments; they will also form part of HQ, and have a critical role in setting recruitment standards for the unit. Applications for the RRO roles are to be made in writing to the outgoing H/RRO, Oliver, no later than 222359ZDEC19 (22nd December) and will be considered by HQ thereafter. Please include any relevant qualifications and experience along with a short statement of why you want to be considered for the post. HQ reserves the right to appoint a successful candidate based on application or to conduct an interview process. Any questions on the application process should be directed to the current H/RRO (Oliver) and the Coy OC (Silbot). Carry on. ++++++++++++++ENDS+++++++++++++
  3. If under 16 you mean. 18 if he's in a "position of trust". Pedantic I know.
  4. Oliver

    Operation HERA X

    The campaign continues.
  5. Oliver

    Operation HERA IX

    The campaign (hopefully) continues.
  6. Not another Arma3 unit Fairlie. It's some general gaming community thing'a'ma'bob. No issue with that so long as it does not prevent them from being active with us and attending operations on a regular basis.
  7. Oliver

    Operation HERA VI

    Campaign continues.
  8. From: Oliver, Pte, H/RRO To: A Coy + attachments Subject: Promotions and Assignments Priority: Routine DTG: 061928AJAN19 ++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++ I am pleased to announce that the following recruits have passed their assessment and granted the rank of Pte. Pte Townsend They are now full members of the 16AA and will remain with their current sections. Please join me in congratulating them on their promotion. I am sure we can all look forwards to working with them. +++++++++++++++ENDS+++++++++++++++
  9. Recorded some of the op and started to upload some raw footage again but was taking absolute ages while hammering my internet so decided to bugger it.
  10. Unless you meant as an idea for an Arma3 campaign. In which case yeah pretty standard campaign. Always going up against pesky Russia.
  11. Indeed but extend that to any media outlet will do anything to get traffic and views. When seeing some story somewhere that grabs my attention and makes me think about it tend to see what other outlets state, and consider the gen being somewhere around the average of those viewpoints. A quick google and I see no other outlets saying the same yet. So again taking the truth being somewhere between this and complete fiction I would say sure maybe they are planning to fight a third world war but only to the same extent as our own militaries plan and carry out exercises against a hypothetical technologically peer nation. Would they seize upon opportunities to occupy areas with regional wars (a la Ukraine) or aid particular nations using their armed forces (a la Syria), well yeh of course they would and have. Again just as our own are doing to an extent (well in the latter case at least). Are they intending on going up against NATO member states and sparking world war three with a top-secret plan while we are faffing about with other crap, nah.
  12. Special one-time occasion. And the only time I have ever wanted/needed to do any video editing of any kind anyway. Usually, just crop the video length in GeForce Experience and upload within there also. But for some reason this time the second half of the video was not visible inside GeForce Experience but a file did exist for both parts. So had to find a way to merge them together somehow.
  13. Always good to see/hear that I'm also not the only one that seems to absolutely genuinely craps themselves when shot at or mortared in the game either.
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