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  1. Saw this..... They had someone singing.... Yup The snowflake generation is here although I called that he would quit by the end of the show and he did. What is happening to our armed forces?! Big Phil sums it up well https://youtu.be/6SlT1UTM1lI
  2. Dennett

    Cobalt I

    And we return. Different perspective this time
  3. JHC Chromite tour vid. We had some fun
  4. Dennett

    Op Chromite XI

    Wait for the end of tour vid... should be done this weekend. bitesize of the fun bits
  5. Just too slow. I also have speed in MPH when everyone else is KMH for some reason
  6. Its a bit late due to technical issues but here is the little bird's perspective
  7. Dennett

    OP Mineral

    Agreed however I would like notice if it happens again so I can LOA..
  8. Dennett

    Operation RESOLUTE

    Some brilliant dogfights this Op. I had a brilliant time, I even got to spend some time back on the ground with a rifle ;-)
  9. Dennett

    Operation RESOLUTE

    I have howard don't you worry... incoming
  10. Dennett


    Yeah i'm going to lower the music next time
  11. Dennett


    I've tried something different. Let me know if you prefer the bite size version or the full cut
  12. Dennett

    Op Chromite IX

    Tebbsy for Xfactor
  13. Dennett

    Chromite VIII

    Nice Pics Flynn
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