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    CLASS: SECRET PRIORITY: URGENT TO: OC 2 PARA Battle Group Intelligence Cell FROM: UKSF SUBJECT: Apollo I
  2. (No hate guys) The soundtrack to the film is a master piece
  3. Yeah i hear you Pedersen If it does`nt give me the extra immersion i`m after in arma then so be it. You know i love my simulation games so there plenty of other games i want it for
  4. Thanks for the feedback, i`ll definitely look into then. I tend to be fairly stationary, but i do move my eyes a lot (#4monitorproblems) so i`m a bit worried about the Tobii kit. But you guys seems to be in favor of the TrackIr and i hate wearing caps so i`ll look into delanclip as well.
  5. Hi Like the title suggest, i`m looking at some sort of tracking device. I play a lot of simulation game, farming simulator, truck simulator etc. And i`ve been dying to get my hands on one of these devices for Arma and need some help choosing the right one. One of you guys are bound to have some knowledge on the subject so i`m keen to hear what you guys recommend
  6. If you havent seen this one yet, i highly suggest watching in it. 10/10 for all you fellow tankers out there.
  7. I fell a sleep in the tank once during a quite moment while out on a exercise. Woke up to my tank commander playing this over the intercom.... Freaked the hell out of me, but it certainly put me in the mood. God i miss the Leopard
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