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    ADMIN Patrol Reports

    AFTER ACTION REPORT FROM: 3 SECTION 1 PLTN SUBJECT: Operation PHILEMON V 012000ZNOV17 1) Patrol composition and Location - including VRN of any vehicles; 8 x PAX JK16AA - Vehicle 1 JK15AA - Vehicle 2 2) Leaguer Status - ideally with a visual; 1/3 is currently set up NW of the A/2 Leaguer cover between N and W. 3) Patrol Report; Assisted in removing and cleaning all bodies from initial cave system POS. Sent off 2 x P3's with the airlift which also collected all bodies. Moved to the PLTN Leaguer POS and reclaimed our vehicles. Proceeded to to move through the RV's. Nothing significant to report. Came across 1 x Yellow truck but we let it past as there was no clear threat or orders to stop the vehicle. We did various stops and movement covers along the RV's but nothing of significance happened during these movements. Once we reached the designated A/1 FUP we move to the north west towards the location assigned to us that needed to be scouted. At this point in time we took contact from various locations from PAX with small arms and RPGs. We were engaged from the W and NW by numerous PAX and we took sporadic fire from the north. Suspected RPGS and mortars fell on our ridgeline so we pull back into cover. At this point in time we were ordered to move back to the ERV which was RV 7. We heard reports of other sections losing vehicles so we first look around and see who we could assist before moving off to RV 7. We dropped off the soldiers from the other sections on the Leaguer POS first before moving to our own on the NW side of the Leaguer to set up. Currently set up on the NW side cover N through W
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